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Technical safety measures for the demolition of waste raking machine

I. overview:

according to the arrangement of the mine leaders, the electromechanical team in the development work area will demolish the waste raking machine in the -490m West Wing track roadway. In order to ensure the safety of construction, this measure is specially compiled

II. Construction procedure:

1. Pull the waste scraper bucket of the waste scraper to the dustpan mouth with a chain hoist

2. Load the discharging trough, intermediate trough, feeding trough, dustpan mouth, scraper bucket, etc. of the waste raking machine into the flatbed truck, and bind them firmly

III. safety technical measures:

1 All personnel involved in the construction that will have a serious impact on the results should be familiar with the working environment of the construction site Technical parameters: precision level of the experimental machine: Level 1. The permission of the work permit shall be obtained (the access route and disaster avoidance route of the grounding wire installed according to the dispatcher's instructions.

2. When removing the scraper, leaders above the team leader must be on the scene to command, strictly implement the construction measures, command and operate according to the regulations.

3. The safety factors such as anchor bolts, steel wire ropes, rope buckles and chain hoists used in the removal must meet the required lifting requirements, and they must be checked and confirmed to be reliable before use.

4. Use inserted steel Wire rope head (in accordance with the regulations) or clamp the wire rope head with no less than 2 Yuanbao cards to lift heavy objects. The turning back pulley in the removal process must be rooted reliably and can be locked

5. When lifting, it is strictly forbidden to stand under the weight and in the direction of movement, so as to prevent people from being injured by the swing or sliding of the weight. Personnel are strictly prohibited from standing on heavy objects for lifting. They should be lifted evenly and not too fast or too hard. When heavy objects must stay in the air, small chains must be hung on large chains

6. the lifting bolt must be a full anchor bolt, and the anchoring force shall not be less than 10t

7. selection of lifting slings Φ 18.5 steel wire rope head( Φ 18.5 according to experience, the breaking force of steel wire rope is 21t, the maximum weight is 3T, and the safety factor is 21/3=7, which is greater than 6, in line with the regulations)

6. Before shipment, carefully check whether the mechanical and electrical parts of the winch and the safety facilities of the inclined lane are in good condition. All the removed loading parts must be tied firmly, and the shipment can be carried out only after there is no problem

10. In the process of transportation, fully enclosed transportation is implemented. No one is allowed in the rope lane. Someone must be on guard at the upper and lower openings of the inclined lane, and the hook handling personnel must deliver points in the escape cave

11. During transportation, special pins must be used for the hook head of the drawworks and the wagon pins for loading the components of the scraper

12. The winch and steel wire rope used in the transportation have been checked (according to the calculation of the comprehensive excavator transportation measures, it meets the requirements) and meets the transportation requirements

13. Normal ventilation should be maintained head-on during operation, and portable instruments should be hung. In case of any of the following conditions at the operation site, the operation must be stopped and the personnel shall be evacuated for treatment: the wind at the operation site shall be stopped; The gas concentration at the operation site reaches 0.8% or the gas concentration changes abnormally; There are shooting operations within 100 meters of the operation site; The toxic and harmful gases in the air flow exceed the standard or the coal dust is large

IV. Electromechanical Management:

1. Electromechanical equipment should be maintained and inspected by special personnel to prevent explosion and loss of protection

2. Strictly implement the power cut-off and transmission system, and it is not allowed to carry out live maintenance and handling of electrical equipment

3. strictly implement the system of dismantling and catching fire, and it is strictly forbidden to dismantle and catch fire without permission

v. other requirements:

1. Carefully inspect the operation site before construction to eliminate all unsafe hidden dangers

2. When the working height is more than 2m, it is a high-altitude operation. You must wear a qualified safety belt and take root firmly

3. when using the ladder, it must be firmly supported and provided with anti-skid measures. One person can step on the ladder for operation, and two people can't step on one ladder at the same time

4. When using hand hammers and sledgehammers, according to Bob Larsen, the chief executive officer of CRTC, it is strictly forbidden to wear gloves, the hammer head should be firm, the hammer head and handle should be free of oil stains, it is strictly forbidden to stand in the direction of the hammer, and it is strictly forbidden to use a wrench instead of the hammer

5. Be careful when disassembling parts to prevent damage and loss

6. After each shift, the site should be clean and the objects should be stacked neatly

7. All personnel participating in the construction must carefully study this measure and relevant regulations and understand the operation process before construction

8. Matters not covered in this measure shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the three major regulations of the coal mine

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