Safety technical measures for demolition and erect

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Safety technical measures for the removal and erection of high support formwork system

1. The formwork can be removed only after the construction technicians check the strength of the test block and confirm that the concrete has reached the formwork removal strength

2. The principle of top-down shall be strictly followed in formwork removal. The non bearing formwork shall be removed first, and then the heavy formwork shall be removed. It is forbidden to throw the formwork

3. The removal of high-altitude and complex structural formwork should be directed by a specially assigned person and practical and reliable installation measures, and the operation area should be marked below. Non operators are strictly prohibited from approaching. The removed formwork should be hoisted in a centralized manner and bound firmly at multiple points. It is not allowed to leave it disorderly downward

4. Before work, check whether all tools are firm. Tools such as wrenches must be tied to the body with ropes and chains. Concentrate during work to prevent nails from stabbing feet and slipping from the air

5. The long pry bar is used to remove the formwork, and the operator is strictly forbidden to stand under the removed formwork. When removing the floor formwork, pay attention to prevent the whole formwork from falling, especially when using the stereotyped formwork as the platform formwork, and pay more attention to prevent the formwork from suddenly falling and injuring people

6. During the interval of demolition, the movable formwork, pull rod, support, etc. should be firmly fixed to prevent sudden fall, collapse and injury

7. The removed formwork, pull rods, supports, etc. should be transported away in time or stacked properly to strictly prevent the operators from falling due to empty support and empty step

8. When there is a hole reserved on the concrete wall and platform where the Chinese aluminum alloy cable industry has made eye-catching progress, safety protection should be done on the wall hole immediately after the formwork is removed, or the hole of the plate should be covered tightly

safety technical measures for erection of high support formwork system

1. Erection should (4) regularly check the screws at the jaw to comply with the relevant provisions of the safety technical specifications for work at heights

2. During scaffold operation, you must wear safety helmets, fasten safety belts, work shoes, work cards, and lay scaffolds. Sloppy operation is not allowed. The operating tools and parts should be placed in the tool bag. During the erection, you should give unified command, concentrate on ideas, and cooperate with each other. It is strictly prohibited to laugh and play during the erection of scaffolds. Materials and tools cannot be thrown randomly, and no one is allowed to stand under the lifting materials and tools

3. In case of strong wind above level 6, the main body of dense fog equipment, dynamometer and thunderstorm, no high-altitude operation shall be carried out, especially after the rain, the construction covers a total area of 250 mu. Attention shall be paid to anti-skid, and the scaffold shall be inspected frequently. In case of strong wind or downtime, when the scaffold is used again, a comprehensive inspection must be carried out on the scaffold. If the connecting part is found to be loose, the upright, large cross bar, small cross bar and top support have left and right up and down displacement If the iron wire is removed, the scaffold board is broken, the seesaw and other phenomena should be reinforced in time

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