Safety technical measures for demolition of front

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Safety technical measures for dismantling the front beam of the mining face

1. Before lowering the support, it is necessary to check whether the bonding column is effective, and the effective column should be replaced in time, then the friction force will increase with the growth of time; At the same time, check the support environment of the upper roof for the control of rainwater runoff, and ensure that the π shaped steel beam on the upper roof does not fall after the support is lowered, and there is no leakage and peeling

2. When removing the side pin, the staff should stand away from the place where the eliminator can fall

3. When using the winch to extract the pin of the lower front beam, in order to prevent the pin or rope from bouncing back and hurting people, all staff except the winch driver should avoid the rope path and enter the safe address such as the rack box before the winch driver can drive

4. The mining face must have flexible and reliable sound and light signals. The signals are required to be stopped, opened and loosened in one, two and three times, and the signals should be assembled together. (2) implement 1351 engineering process and fall outward

5. After dismantling the front beam, raise the support in time. The main beam of the raised support guarantees that the most vulnerable thing is that the connection between the handle and the knife handle can normally hold the π steel beam

6. During the whole assembly process, the on-site team leader must give instructions, and the assembly staff must check the intactness of things at any time. If something is found to be damaged, it must be handled or replaced in time, and it is not allowed to use the damaged things

7. the front beam shall be transported with a bucket car or flat car. When using the flat car, the steel wire rope with a score of more than 4 points shall be used to make it firm, one at the front and one at the back to prevent it from slipping during transportation

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