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Safety technical measures for the design and installation of belt conveyor in the inner section of the air lane

according to the production needs, after the construction of the inner section of w3223 air lane is 70m, a dsj80/2 55 belt conveyor is laid and transported after service. In order to ensure the safety and quality of construction, this safety technical measure is specially prepared:

I. belt conveyor type selection design

the design and construction length of w3223 air lane inner section is 400m, and 55kW motor double machine operation is adopted. According to the instructions of dsj80/2 55 belt conveyor, the main technical parameters are:

the designed conveying capacity of the belt conveyor a1=400t/h. Because the ebz-200 roadheader is used for shipment, the designed loading capacity of the roadheader is a=214.2 t/h, so the loading capacity of the roadheader is taken as the calculation data. Belt conveyor bandwidth b=0.8m, belt speed v=2m/s; Maximum block size of coal α Max=300mm, adopt 1000s whole core flame-retardant conveyor belt, and the breaking force of conveyor belt p0=1000n/mm; General contracting girth α= 480 ; Laying inclination β= 10 ; The spacing between the upper and lower idlers is l'g =1.5m, l '' g =3.0m respectively; ω'=ω''= 0.02; Weight of conveyor belt per meter qd=8.85kg/m; Looseness density of coal ρ= 0.85t/m⊃;; Belt laying length l=400m

(I) checking calculation of belt width:

b ≥ 2 α Max+200=800mm

therefore, the belt with bandwidth b=0.8m meets the requirements

(II) calculation of running resistance:

1. The weight of the cargo load on the tape per meter length


2. The weight of the rotating parts of the upper and lower idlers converted to the length per meter

the table shows that G 'g=11 kg, G' 'g=11kg, then:

q' g=g 'g/l' g=11/1.5=7.33 kg/m

q '' g=g '.' g/l 'g=11/3=3.67 kg/m

3. Running resistance of heavy section:

wzh= (q+qd+q' g) L G ω' cos β+ (q+qd)L g sin β

= (30+8.85+7 and also provides an 8-channel analog multiplexer and joint addressing logic.33) 4009.8 0.02 cos10 + (30+8.85) 4009.8 sin10


=30011 (n)

4. Empty section running resistance:

wk= (qd+q '' g) L G ω'' cos β- qd g L sin β

= (8.85+3.67) 400 9.8 0.02 cos10 -8.85 9.8 400 sin10



(III) belt tension calculation

1. Segment according to the position and location shown in the figure according to the point-by-point calculation method, Calculate the tension at each point of the conveying point

f2=f1= fmin






f9= f8+wzh=1.045f2+1.04wk+wzh

f10=f11=1.04f9=1.04* (1.045f2+1.04wk+wzh)

2. Massage transmission force conditions list the relationship between F1 and F11:

f11= F1 [1+ (e μ 0 α- 1)/1.2] =3.09f1= F1 + wk+wzh

f1= (wk+wzh)/2.09=24954/2.09=11940n

look up table: e μ 0 α Take 3.51

where μ 0 --- friction factor, taken as μ 0=0.15;

α--- Enclosure angle, α= 8.38rad and then build a green manufacturing system for the automotive industry (480)

c0 ---- friction reserve coefficient. Because the site of the development of small cities, for example, is wet, c0=1.2

1 is used. The belt conveyor must be equipped with anti-skid protection, coal stacking protection, anti deviation protection, and temperature protection, smoke alarm protection, and automatic sprinkler. The anti-skid protection is installed on the guide roller of the belt conveyor, and the distance between the magnet and the sensor is not more than 20mm; The coal stacking protection sensor is hung at a reasonable and effective position in front of the unloading drum; One set of anti deviation device can be installed within 5m--20m of the belt head and fixed on the upper conveyor frame with bolts; The temperature sensor is installed within 80-120mm above the driving drum, and the automatic sprinkler head should be installed behind the driving drum, with the sprinkler head facing the driving drum; The smoke alarm shall be installed within 5-10 meters of the return air side of the drive drum, mm from the upper belt

2. For belt conveyors with a length of more than 100 meters, emergency stop devices along the line should be set at the side of the sidewalk of the efficient information and intelligent management machine for transportation and storage every 100m; The laying position of emergency stay wire shall be easy to operate and shall be calibrated regularly

3. The head and tail of the belt conveyor must be equipped with guardrails, and the guardrails at the tail of the belt conveyor should be equipped with locking protection

II. Installation of belt conveyor

(1) there are no less than 5 large special flat cars and no less than 10 pieces of track timber

(2) various tools and materials for the installation of equipment: 4 5T lahores, anchor chains, stirrups, 3M fork ladders, safety belts, special sockets, wrenches, pliers, iron wires, bolts, expansion pins, wood base plates, lubricants, butter, logs, head heightening legs, etc

(3) electrical equipment: 1 qbz-120 switch, 1 qbz-80n switch, 1 4KVA lighting signal comprehensive protection, belt conveyor comprehensive protector, myp3x16 cable 50m, myp3x4 cable 20m, signal line 200m, ringing, double press, triple press and other accessories

(4) large piece traction and transportation: the ground loading of large pieces should be tied firmly, and people should be left to follow the car to the installation site or the nearby parking lot during transportation to prevent the large pieces from falling off the road or losing objects during transportation

2. Downhole preparation:

(1) power supply system: all electrical equipment use w3223 cutting power supply

(2) transportation system: ensure the normal transportation of tramcars

(3) install the anchor rod for lifting on the top plate above the belt head in advance. Two lifting anchors are a group, and the anchor rod is selected Φ 22 2400mm steel anchor rod, with a pulling force of not less than 100kN

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