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Safety technical measures for desilting of the outer sump

after the study and decision of the mine leaders, the * * work area is responsible for desilting of the outer sump of the underground central pump room. In order to ensure the safety of construction, the following safety technical measures are specially prepared:

I. construction content and requirements

1. Before construction, the * * work area shall notify the mine control room two days in advance, The mine dispatching room informs the mechanical and electrical work area to make preparations for the central pump house to convert the water pump drainage from the external water bunker to the internal water bunker. At the same time, the control room shall inform the communication and prevention work area to do a good job in the first communication and three prevention during the construction period

2. In the ventilation and prevention work area, a 211kw local ventilator is installed at the intersection of 3 in the shaft yard to ensure the safety of on-site ventilation. It is required that local fans must be installed with wind power locking protection to ensure normal operation; The air duct shall be hung flat and straight. The air duct shall not be disassembled, torn or damaged at the place passing by, and shall be properly protected

3. A small winch of 11.4KW is installed at the entrance of the intersection of inner and outer water tanks as lifting and transportation equipment. The 11.4KW small winch is required to be fixed by setting a resin anchor bolt on the four corners of the winch. The diameter of the anchor bolt is 18mm, and the depth into the hard rock is not less than 1.0m. The full-length anchor of the resin roll is used, and the anchor plate or strip is used to tighten it. The anchor bolt must be subject to tensile test, and the anchoring force is not less than 5T; The small winch must be installed firmly, in a proper position, and the safety clearance must comply with the regulations; The winch rope is arranged neatly and the winch management board is set; The lifting signal and lighting system should be intact and reliable, and the signal device must enter the shelter; All kinds of safety facilities for inclined roadway transportation must be complete and effective, adhere to normal use and timely overhaul according to standards; 6 19-fc round strand synthetic fiber core steel wire rope with rope diameter of 18.5mm is used for lifting steel wire rope; The lifting wire rope and security rope must be inserted, and the rope skin must be used, and the insertion length must comply with the provisions of the coal mine safety regulations

4. A 7.5kW submersible sewage pump shall be installed at a suitable place in the outer water tank as the drainage in the water tank. It is required that the pump must be installed at the flat place of the bottom plate and be stable and reliable; At the same time, standby water pumps and standby drainage pipelines with the same drainage capacity must be prepared on site

5. All equipment must have good explosion-proof performance and grounding devices with complete protection. It is strictly prohibited to have open wire joints, chicken claws and sheep tails, and eliminate detonation loss

6. The dispatching room shall set up a communication department and ensure its normal use. If there is any problem, the staff in * * work area shall contact the dispatching room in time

7. The rail transportation system is laid in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality standardization of narrow gauge transportation in coal mines

8. Two water retaining walls should be set in the ditch of the outer water bunker. It is required that the water retaining wall should not be degassed, seepage and leakage at the same time** After the water retaining wall in the work area is built, the mine water is changed to the internal sump, and the central pump room in the electromechanical work area is correspondingly changed to the internal sump for drainage

9. The desilting method of the water tank adopts the method of setting up mudguards in sections, that is, according to the production progress of each production shift, set up a mud retaining iron plate with a thickness of 3 mm at the appropriate position to block the internal sludge so that it cannot flow out, and then desilting section by section from the outside to the inside. The sludge is loaded by manual shovel or bucket

10. Acceptance standard requirements: the bottom plate of the water bunker is exposed to the concrete ground or track, the bottom plate and the two sides of the roadway are washed clean, and the ground is free of silt and ponding

II. Safety technical measures

1. During the construction period, the driver of the central pump house in the electromechanical work area shall be responsible and shall not leave his post. He shall always maintain a low water level for drainage, and the water level shall not exceed 500 mm below the water retaining wall set between the outer water tank and the water distribution well. At the same time, the water distribution valves of the inner and outer water tanks of the water distribution well shall be closed during the construction period to prevent the mine water from flowing back to the outer water tank

2. During the construction period, the work of "one ventilation and three prevention" in the external water tank shall be included in the normal management in the ventilation and prevention work area. Each shift must send a gas inspector to carefully observe, and there shall be no empty shift, missed inspection and other phenomena that do not conform to the management regulations

3. When entering the working place, all personnel must first check the unsafe factors such as the roadway roof and two sides, so as to deal with them before working. Before entering the construction site, the team leader or a special safety director must first check the support of the roadway, eliminate potential safety hazards in time, and confirm that there is no safety problem before other personnel can enter the construction site. During the construction process, pay attention to the changes of surrounding rock and roof at any time. If unsafe factors are found, they should be dealt with in time. The construction can be continued only after they are dealt with

4. The number of construction personnel per shift shall not be less than 4. When setting up mudguards, the staff should wear a one-piece raincoat and try to walk forward to prevent slipping

5. When lifting and transporting in the inclined lane, strictly implement the system of no driving, no driving and no operation for pedestrians going up and down the mountain. No one is allowed to climb the car with the hook; When transporting materials, no one is allowed to walk or work in the inclined lane. The staff at the upper and lower ends must hide in the shelter before sending the lifting signal. The hook can be removed only after the car stops stably. It is strictly forbidden to remove the hook

6. When the inclined lane is lifted, it is strictly forbidden to follow the car up and down under any circumstances

7. During inclined roadway transportation, all kinds of safety facilities must be complete and effective, adhere to normal use and timely overhaul according to standards

8. During inclined lane transportation, the winch driver should be contacted in advance to inform the driver of the type and quantity of materials to be lifted and the number of trailers to be towed. The pick-up and hitch workers are responsible for the comprehensive inspection of all materials, and the coupling should be carried out after there is no error. All personnel can send the lifting signal only after they arrive at the shelter or other safe places

9. When there are cars in the drift, one person is only allowed to own one car. When the track slope is less than or equal to 5, the distance between the two cars shall not be less than 10m; When the slope is greater than 5, it shall not be less than 30m; When the slope is greater than 7, it is forbidden to push manually; Flying cars are strictly prohibited

10. When pushing, you must always pay attention to the front and concentrate. When you start pushing, stop, drop off, or find someone or obstacles in front of you, and push down from a place with a large slope, as well as approach turnouts, bends, roadway doorways, air doors, and chamber exits, the pusher must give an alarm signal. Be especially careful when you get near the sedimentation tank to prevent personnel from falling into the sedimentation tank

11. For lane carts, the Cartman must be equipped with a reliable cover wood, and it is strictly forbidden to put flying carts

12. When loading and unloading materials in the drift, the mining car must be stabilized with a wooden wedge, and the unloader should stand on both sides of the car to prevent the car from hurting people. When loading and unloading materials in the inclined lane, it is not allowed to take off the rope. The vehicle must be parked stably before unloading. Facilities to prevent the material from sliding are set under the vehicle, otherwise it is not allowed to unload

13. During construction, care should be taken for Feng Shui pipelines, cables, wires and air ducts. Do not tamper with any other equipment within the scope of work

14. When transporting materials with pallet, it must be noted that the width of the materials shall not exceed the width of the pallet

15. Before each lifting and transportation, the winch driver must check the winch fixation, braking, wire rope wear, signal device and safety facilities to ensure the safety of transportation. Only one vehicle or plate can be lifted each time, and it is strictly forbidden to over hang the vehicle

16. All lifting and transportation signals must be set in the shelter, with complete sound and light, sensitive and reliable

17. The inclined roadway transport winch must be in good condition, and it is strictly prohibited to operate with faults. When the wear of the lifting wire rope exceeds the regulations or there is a hard injury, it is strictly prohibited to lift, and it must be replaced immediately

18. Manual rutting must be carried out when the tramcar and the wagon plate are rutted, and mechanical rutting is strictly prohibited

19. For any maintenance place where there is an air duct passing by, the air duct should not be disassembled, torn or damaged, and should be properly protected

20. Ventilation management should be strengthened during construction. The air duct should move forward in time with the production progress, and the distance between the air duct mouth and the production head should not exceed 5 meters. At the same time, take good care of ventilation facilities to prevent damage to the air duct and other ventilation facilities. When the gas concentration exceeds 1% or the CO2 concentration exceeds 1.5%, evacuate personnel immediately for treatment, and resume construction after treatment. It is strictly prohibited to work in areas without wind or with insufficient air volume

21. The distance between all equipment and the track shall not be less than 0.5m after installation

22. cables, air and water pipelines of all equipment must be hung neatly

23. All equipment must be installed on the top plate and support in good condition, without watering and paving, and it is required to put on the platform and hang the license since 2016

24. All equipment operating parts must be equipped with protective covers, rope guards, connecting parts, screw locating pins, brake brakes, and operating rods, which should be well and reliably installed

25. Strictly implement the power cut-off and transmission system when overhauling or relocating equipment; Live working is strictly prohibited. The power-off switch of the substation must be tagged and locked and guarded by a specially assigned person. The gas must be checked before maintenance, and the maintenance can be carried out after it meets the requirements

26. All equipment must have good explosion-proof performance and grounding devices with complete protection. It is strictly prohibited to have open wire joints, chicken claws and sheep tails, and eliminate detonation loss

27. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the air duct at will during the construction process, and it is strictly forbidden to work in places without wind or with insufficient air volume

28. the underground replacement and idle equipment should be raised in time, and it is strictly prohibited to throw and place them randomly

29. Many well-known automobile OEMs have successively announced the layout of new energy vehicle business. After the installation of electromechanical equipment, it must be accepted by the electromechanical department and the safety supervision office before it can be used

30. During construction, warning signs should be set up in the internal water tank, and the door lock should be installed on the fence. No one is allowed to open the inner water tank fence and enter the inner water tank at will

31. All staff must work with certificates, and they are not allowed to participate in this work without certificates. The staff of all types of work shall strictly follow the "coal mine safety technical operation procedures" of their respective types of work

32. After the desilting work is completed, it can be delivered for use after passing the acceptance of relevant departments

33. Other uncovered matters shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the coal mine safety regulations and the coal mine safety technical operation regulations

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