Safety technical measures for dredging silted coal

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Safety technical measures for dredging silted coal at the bottom of main inclined shaft "The reason why Solvay's materials are popular with customers is that the pipeline configuration of the gas power station does not meet the requirements. During the transformation, electric welding and gas cutting operations need to be carried out on site. In order to ensure the safety of this operation, the following safety measures are specially formulated:

I. preparation before operation

1. Prepare the tools and fire-fighting equipment required for the operation. Be prepared for the operation.

2. Li Yumin is responsible for this operation process, and the special worker has been working for safety in recent months Supervisor

3. Dust and other inflammables and explosives within 15 meters around the operation site shall be cleaned, and special personnel shall be responsible for watering once a shift

4. Inform the mine dispatching room that the user can start the operation only after being approved by the dispatching room before measuring

II. Operation

1. Stop the gas generator set after the dispatching room notifies that the operation is allowed

2. After the gas generator unit is shut down, close the gate valve (no less than two) of the pipeline from the gas drainage pump station to the gas power station, disassemble the pipeline behind the closed gate valve, and then use compressed air to blow out the residual gas in each pipeline one by one. When the gas concentration in the pipeline and within 20 meters of the working place is not more than 0.5%, electric welding and gas cutting can be carried out

3. During the operation, the supervisor should supervise and inspect at any time, and stop the operation immediately in case of abnormal conditions for treatment

4. After the operation is completed, restore the tile, while the fine particles will deposit in the pipeline at a relatively long distance. The working place should be watered again. Confirm that there is no abnormality, contact the mine dispatching room, and then release it with the consent of the dispatching room. It can resume normal operation according to the operating procedures

III. others

1. Strictly implement other provisions in the coal mine safety regulations

2. It is strictly forbidden to operate against rules and prohibit illegal command

3. All operators must study this procedure carefully

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June 22, 2013

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