Safety technical measures for electric locomotive

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Safety technical measures for coal mine electric locomotive transportation

1. Scope of use of electric locomotive:

5T in the additional hydraulic support. With the rapid change of scientific skills, the use area of electric locomotive is l3216 air lane parking lot and air lane

2. Transportation facilities such as tracks and winches laid in l3216 air lane and air lane parking lot must be checked and accepted by the power department, production department, safety supervision office, transportation team and other business functional departments organized by the dispatching room. The electric locomotive can be put into use only after it is qualified, otherwise it cannot be used

3. Before the electric locomotive enters the well and is used on the ground, the transportation team must have a special person to cooperate with the electric locomotive driver to check the integrity of the electric locomotive. The electric locomotive is not in good condition, and it is strictly prohibited to use. And make special inspection records

4. L3216 air lane adopts 5T electric locomotive and jd-25 winch for transportation

5. The electric locomotive driver must receive professional training, pass the examination, and work with a certificate

6. Safety measures:

1). On duty, special personnel must be arranged to inspect the track laying in good condition, and timely deal with problems and potential safety hazards found, otherwise stop transportation

2). Tie the hook head of the hooker to the safety rope, and hang the hook head of the small winch on the first ring in the outward transportation direction of the flatbed truck. The traction can be carried out only after it is checked and qualified by the signalman

3). During traction, the small winch driver will tighten the steel wire rope first, and then the signalman will send a signal. When there is an inclined rope, it is strictly prohibited to send a start signal. If you want to know more about the details of the experimental machine

4), during the operation of the electric locomotive, the car attendant must pay close attention to the operation of the vehicle and the operation of the steel wire rope, and stop immediately in case of abnormal conditions

5). During winch traction, the electric locomotive shall not be used with brake except under special circumstances

6). The electric locomotive must have good braking and lighting devices, the sand volume and sand must meet the requirements, and the red tail lamp must be hung

7). Unqualified bolts and links are not allowed to be used. Unqualified harvesters are strictly forbidden to go on the road. A variety of machines are available for you to choose after three gears on one slope! Good reliability, normal use

8). Before each transportation, the winch, steel wire rope and track must be comprehensively inspected by a specially assigned person. If there are problems, they must be handled first before transportation

9). During transportation, the driver of the electric locomotive must comprehensively check the integrity of the electric locomotive, and all kinds of protection and facilities must be complete and intact

10). The winch signal must be sensitive and reliable, not clear and accurate, and it is not allowed to start. Electric locomotive drivers and winch drivers must work with certificates and strictly implement the technical operation procedures of this type of work

11). When changing the winch relay hook, you must first stop the car stably, then block the car with a car stopper, and then take off the hook. When changing the hook, you must be commanded by the shift leader on site

12). In the transportation process, there shall be no personnel working or staying in the operation section of the small winch and support truck except the car attendant. The car follower must work 5m away from the outside of the steel wire rope from the support car. No other vehicles are allowed to run on the track where the electric locomotive is running. It is strictly forbidden for operators to pedal, pick up, put off flying cars and take electric locomotives

13). When transporting at the slope changing part of the air lane, close the safety door in time after passing the vehicle, and the safety door and car stopper must be in a normally closed state

14). The following measures shall be strictly implemented when the electric locomotive cooperates with the winch transportation:

[1] the electric locomotive driver shall be familiar with the track conditions and reasonably select the speed

[2] the electric locomotive shall not operate with brake. It shall be pulled by winch, and the electric locomotive shall not operate with brake

[4] the electric locomotive driver and the winch driver must cooperate closely to ensure safety

15). The electric locomotive driver must strictly implement the examination methods for the use and management of electric locomotives in 4.3.17 of the compilation of Lingxin Coal Mine safety management system, the provisions of 348, 349 and 351 of the coal mine safety regulations, and the documents of Lingxin kuangfa (2003) No. 018 "provisions on the management of electric locomotive operating parameters"

16). The wind of l3216 fully mechanized mining face can better serve the use of small winches in the lane of customers, and the document of relevant regulations on lifting and transportation of small winches (Lingxin kuangfa (2003) No. 054) shall be strictly implemented

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