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To protect the enthusiasm of enterprises and unify law enforcement standards, Wuxi issued 76 "list of exemptions"

release date: Source: Jiangsu, China

Wuxi Municipal Market Supervision Administration issued the guiding opinions on no punishment for minor violations of market supervision in Wuxi on the 7th, specifying 76 items that will not be punished within the scope of punishment discretion and responsibility as stipulated in laws and regulations of 1 ton or more

as of April 23, the number of market players in Wuxi has reached 801000. Among them, peek, a large number of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, is relatively easy to violate the laws and regulations due to its lack of familiarity with laws and regulations. Once the administrative punishment is implemented, the enterprise will enter the social credit "blacklist", and the subsequent operation will be difficult. In view of the concentration of such contradictions in the field of market supervision, Wuxi made it clear that if the explicit content of the advertisement released by the enterprise is not obvious and clear enough and a fine of less than 100000 should be imposed according to law, as long as this illegal act of the enterprise is discovered for the first time and does not cause harmful consequences, it will not be punished if it is corrected in time; For pre packaged food labels sold by food operators in the circulation field, they can also carry base load and intermediate load. If the amount of goods is less than 1000, they will not be punished if they are found for the first time but not actually sold, corrected in time and did not cause harmful consequences; If the operator is found for the first time without indicating his real name or issuing a charge list at the business site, he shall correct it in time without causing harmful consequences, and shall not be punished

"'exemption from punishment 'is not equal to' exemption from responsibility '." Yu Wenxia, deputy director of Wuxi Municipal Bureau of market supervision and administration, said that the release of the "exemption list" not only protects the enthusiasm of enterprises, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, but also promotes the resolution of the regulatory problems of "difficult operation and implementation" in grass-roots law enforcement. In order to make good use of the "exemption list", Wuxi market supervision departments at all levels will unify law enforcement standards and standardize procedural requirements to avoid knowing the law enforcement "temperature difference" between different regions of the fatigue testing machine with excellent performance. At the same time, dynamically adjust the list in time to help create the best business environment

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