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Prospects of the two sessions: "IOT" is still highly expected

it is reported that the fourth session of the Eleventh National People's Congress and the fourth session of the Eleventh National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference will be opened in Beijing on March 5 and March 3, 2011, respectively

with the convening of the two sessions last year, IOT was written into the government work report for the first time, which attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. As China's strategic emerging industries, IOT and tri integration have witnessed a very hot industrial development and construction in 2010, and great progress has been made in the research and application of technology. The market is gradually maturing. However, there are still many problems and difficulties in the development of emerging industries, which urgently need the effective support of relevant national policies. The convening of the two sessions has added another expectation to IOT

recently, in the 2011 government work report released by many provinces and cities in China, we can see that emerging industries such as IOT, tri convergence and cloud computing have been highlighted, and emerging industries such as IOT have occupied a significant position in the future development of the government. The work reports of the provincial and municipal governments clearly pointed out the main work of the 12th Five Year Plan, including promoting the research and development and application of IOT technology, accelerating the demonstration and integration of IOT projects, and promoting the construction of smart cities and the demonstration and application of cloud computing. The following will list the work plans for IOT, tri convergence, cloud computing and other industries in the 2011 government work reports of major provinces and cities in China for reference

Shandong Province: accelerate the promotion of informatization. We will promote the integration of "three aspects", strengthen the construction of IOT and expand value-added services

Jiangxi Province: promote information construction. We will focus on implementing the smart project of Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone, the construction project of government affairs' connecting rural areas' and the demonstration project of IOT application, accelerate the integration of 'three' and form an information transmission network covering urban and rural areas

Jilin Province: accelerate the construction of public R & D platforms and IOT technical service platforms for auto parts, crop breeding, medicine and so on, and promote provincial key laboratories to enter the national ranks

Heilongjiang Province: the information service industry should speed up the construction of IOT, promote the implementation of a number of large projects such as Harbin International Data City, and vigorously develop the cloud computing industry

Anhui Province: cultivate strategic emerging industries. We launched the "ten thousand" project for strategic emerging industries and achieved new results in the construction and cultivation of major projects, leading enterprises and industrial bases. We will actively develop high-end industries such as quantum communications and IOT, and launch major technological breakthroughs in 100 strategic emerging industries. Actively introduce strategic investors at home and abroad, and attract a number of highly influential and high-tech projects to settle in our province

Hubei Province: seize the opportunity for Wuhan to become a national pilot city of three integration, increase the integration of information resources, vigorously develop IOT technology compatible with existing information systems, promote social service informatization, and speed up the construction of digital Hubei

Guangdong Province: develop e-commerce and IOT, promote the pilot of "three integration" and build a national information service industry base

Zhejiang Province: formulate and implement policy opinions on accelerating the development of strategic emerging industries, focusing on promoting the development of biology, IOT, new energy and other industries. The group is a large-scale precision testing instrument that gives full play to the respective strengths of motors, and implements a number of major application demonstration projects

Fujian Province: cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries. First, key breakthroughs. We will focus on new flat-panel displays, new generation networks and high-end communication equipment, biomedicine, led and solar photovoltaic, energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and equipment, accelerate the research and development and application of new technologies such as IOT identification system, and focus on a number of R & D and transformation projects such as' smart Xiamen 'industrial base, Fuzhou Youshun 8-inch integrated circuit chips, Xiapu ultra-thin crystalline silicon solar cells, etc. The second is application demonstration. Promote new technologies and products in consumption upgrading, green development, intelligent manufacturing, material upgrading, etc., expand government procurement, and support business model innovation

use new technologies such as IOT to accelerate the upgrading of logistics nodes, logistics parks and distribution centers, introduce and cultivate a number of multinational logistics backbone enterprises, and accelerate the establishment of a supply chain service system with ports as the core, which is compatible with the manufacturing mode and has a high degree of informatization integration

promote 'three convergence' and develop market-oriented high-performance computing and cloud computing services. Effectively implement the policies to promote the development of the software industry, cultivate high-level backbone enterprises, and build a national software industry base

Beijing: formulate a smart city action plan, actively promote the demonstration application of IOT and cloud computing, and accelerate the pace of urban informatization construction

Shanghai: actively promote the development of information industry. Focus on the fields with good market prospects and strong industrial drive, strengthen the research and development and application of key technologies, and vigorously promote the development of IOT, new display, networking and communication, integrated circuit and automotive electronics industries. Launch and implement the 'cloud sea plan', and actively promote the application demonstration of cloud computing in education, health, government affairs and other leading products of our company. We sincerely invite dealers, middlemen, and directly use customers' calls to consult the experimental machine domain. We will actively develop the information service industry and promote the formation of industrial scale advantages in digital publishing and electronic reading

Shenzhen: with the focus of "three integration", strengthen the development and utilization of information resources and the interconnection of information networks, actively promote the research and development and demonstration application of IOT and cloud computing, realize the all-round penetration of informatization into economic, social and urban development, take the lead in building a wireless city, strive to build a smart Shenzhen, and enhance the competitiveness of the city with a high level of informatization

Tianjin: vigorously develop the IOT, cloud computing and other new generation information technology industries, and build a national electronic information industry base. Insist on doing something and doing nothing, and vigorously develop strategic emerging industries. Promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, and the microcomputer type can also display the end elongation, and improve the informatization level in all fields of economy and society

Wuhan: fully implement the 'optical city plan', build a wireless city, and basically realize the 'three integration'. Implement the IOT demonstration project to achieve full coverage of car couplets. Promote and popularize 'Wuhan connect' and promote the connection between electronic medical records and medical insurance. More than 90% of government administrative licenses will be handled

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