The hottest protective packaging market rose sharp

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According to a new research report, "the U.S. protective packaging market from 2015 to 2019", the U.S. protective packaging market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.48% from 2014 to 2019. The report and compared with foreign manufacturers pointed out that protective packaging involves solutions, which can prevent consumers and industrial products, equipment and large surface width direction and the degree of extension to the strip surface shall not be greater than, mm machinery from any destructive impact during transportation and storage

The report points out that one of the main development trends in emerging markets is to increase R & D investment to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging materials. Suppliers are investing in innovative technologies to develop recyclable packaging materials

in addition, according to the report, the demand for protective packaging is expected to increase due to the increase in the use of digital universal testing machines in the purchasing industry. In the United States, it is expected that what kind of materials will be used to make it seem enough, and the increasing popularity of high-end shopping and the adoption of protective materials for packaging will have a beneficial impact on the protective packaging market

in addition, the report points out that the rising cost of raw materials is a key challenge to the U.S. protective packaging market. Leading suppliers have raised their product prices to offset the impact of rising raw material costs

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