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All provinces and cities have "made moves" to deal with the challenge of food safety, escorting "tip of the tongue safety"

food safety is a never-ending "popular project". Food testing is a key link to ensure food safety. Based on the advantages of low cost, fast detection speed and wide coverage, fast detection has become the first barrier to find food safety problems

food safety is "produced" and "managed". Strict supervision of food safety can inject confidence into the public and make the public feel at ease. At present, although we cannot achieve zero occurrence of food quality and safety problems, we must adhere to zero tolerance. To this end, many provinces and cities across the country have "made moves" to meet the challenge of food safety and jointly escort "tip of the tongue safety"

Dongying has inspected more than 80000 batches of food this year.

on the morning of November 28, in the quick inspection room of Dongcheng Ginza supermarket, the quick inspector Gao Ge was inspecting 10 batches of vegetables, 1 batch of pork and 1 batch of seafood sampled that day. This rapid examination room is one of the 62 rapid examination rooms built in our city this year. Since the completion of the rapid inspection room in July this year, nearly 1500 batches of food have been quickly inspected

this year, the food safety system construction project was listed as one of the top ten practical things for people's livelihood in the city. According to the Municipal Food and drug administration, up to now, the construction of 62 quick inspection rooms and 5 quick inspection points in the city has been completed, covering the wholesale market of agricultural products, large and medium-sized supermarkets, farmers' markets and some school canteens, and more than 80000 batches of vegetables, meat, seafood and other foods have been quick inspected

the 44 quick inspection stations (rooms) in Yinchuan are operating normally

according to Wei Qing, head of the food sampling quick inspection center of Yinchuan municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, up to now, the 44 quick inspection stations (rooms) in Yinchuan have been able to operate normally. It should be noted that the 26 inspection stations (rooms) set up by the market supervision department can detect 8 items, and the 18 quick inspection stations (rooms) set up in farmers' markets and large supermarkets can detect 5 items. Citizens can send food to the quick inspection stations (rooms) for testing during working hours

Wei Qing said that at present, there are only one inspector in 18 supermarkets and markets with food safety rapid testing rooms. The next step is to meet the requirements of two inspectors, and to achieve the testing content of 8 quick testing stations (rooms) in markets and supermarkets in early 2019

Jinan's fast inspection of edible agricultural products has a larger size of 230000 batches, with a qualified rate of 99.8%

Jinan starts with strict market access, and the third-party testing institutions implement daily testing. The food and drug administration department is responsible for supervising and guiding the entrusted fast inspection work mode, which batch inspects the edible agricultural products that enter the market. At present, 14 business units of edible agricultural products have fully implemented the entrusted testing of edible agricultural products in the market, and opened a free testing "window" to provide consumers with free quick testing services. The average daily commissioned testing was 1840 batches. As of October 30, a total of 229400 batches had been quickly inspected, with a qualified rate of 99.8%. The safety of edible agricultural products in the market was effectively guaranteed

this year, the municipal government included the target of sampling food safety samples to reach 7 per 1000 people in the work report. Up to now, the city has completed sampling inspection of more than 40000 batches, with a completion rate of 97.96%, of which more than 20000 batches at the municipal level, with a completion rate of 91.33%. The publicity rate of sampling inspection information and inspection and disposal of unqualified products has reached 100%, and efforts have been made to put supervision ahead of risks

Inner Mongolia qiaoyong "mobile laboratory" rapid inspection pass rate of 100%

recently, the food and Drug Administration of the autonomous region has configured food safety rapid inspection vehicles for 103 counties (cities, districts) in the region. The food safety quick inspection vehicle is changed from standard Toyota Custer to the following three types according to different levels of customer needs: the size of the experimental force that can be borne by the fixture is a very important indicator of the fixture. In the future, more factories will establish 33 kinds of food safety quick inspection equipment, such as integrated ATP detector, constant temperature fluorescence detector, integrated food quick inspection system, portable Raman spectroscopy, electrochemical detector, etc

since the event, more than 70 people have been consulted by the masses, 9 food and drug safety issues have been collected, 14 measurement services have been provided, and 42 batches of food quick inspection have been carried out, with a pass rate of 100%. If there are unqualified, the law enforcement personnel will do a good job of post-processing according to the relevant regulations. At the same time, the sampling results are published in real time to achieve the purpose of early warning consumption, analyze the sampling data, establish an analysis and judgment, risk monitoring mechanism, and improve the ability of risk prevention and control

fast detection technology has the characteristics of high flexibility and wide detection range, which can shock food operators and provide consumers with reassuring consumption services. It can be predicted that with the maturing of food safety rapid inspection technology, consumers will rebuild their confidence in China's food safety. In the future, food rapid inspection technology may become one of the strongest lines of defense for food safety

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