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The paper industry in Guangdong is developing rapidly in clusters. There are 350 paper-making enterprises in Guangdong Province, with an annual paper production capacity of more than 11 million tons, mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta region. The number of enterprises accounts for 85% of the province and the output accounts for more than 90%. The paper industry in Guangdong shows a trend of clustering, forming a development pattern dominated by packaging paper and paperboard. It is one of the most dynamic large paper industry plates in the country to build industrial interconnection. It is clean and free of dead corners and rust under high magnification of electron microscope or optical microscope

Dongguan has formed an industrial chain and industrial cluster that produce packaging paper and household paper, paper product processing, printing, packaging and papermaking machinery, and chemical industry, which complement each other and develop in a coordinated manner. Its scale and benefits rank first in the country. Dongguan has national famous paper-making enterprises such as nine dragons, Levin, Jinzhou, Jianhui, Yinzhou and white swan, as well as national large-scale paper products enterprises such as Shenzhen Watson, Jinsheng and Lijia

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