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The paper industry in the United States is generally in a downturn, and waste paper outshines others.

Dr. James Burke, CEO of SP paper company in the United States, did not hide his concern about the joint law enforcement and inspection of the publishing, printing and paper industry. "In the United States, the paper-based printing business is in a long-term recession," he said Burke spoke to the audience at the paper recycling and Trade Conference in New Orleans in late June

Burke shows some statistics supporting his argument, including the sharp increase in the number of discontinued paper mills in the United States since 1997. In the early 1990s, only paper mills were closed every year, and then increased year by year: 12 in 1997, 16 in 1998, 7 in 1999, 16 in 2000 and 21 in 2001

he also pointed out that from 1980 to now, The number of paper mills in the United States has increased from "79 in the United States have decreased to 55 with poor compatibility with resin, which has been widely used in many fields.

under the condition of the unhealthy overall development of the paper industry, waste paper continues to be sought after by the remaining factories in the United States and new overseas factories. In the past 20 years, the annual waste paper consumption of American paper mills has increased by more than three times - from 1.5 million metric tons in 1980 to 6.5 million metric tons in 2000.

Burke said that in the production of raw materials from the original When raw fiber turns to recycled fiber, "millions of dollars of capital investment is required"

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