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Paper industry: packaging paper inventory pressure is high

a new round of quotation for coniferous pulp was released this week, with an increase of 2% to 3% per ton. The pressure of packaging paper inventory is large, the price increase is blocked, and the cost pressure is difficult to transmit. The peak consumption season of cultural paper is approaching, and the pressure of cost rise can be partially transferred. After nearly a quarter of valuation repair, the current P/E ratio of the paper sector is 19.02 times, and the P/B ratio is 1.68 times, which has been well impregnated with the historical bottom ① wood and plastic; There is a distance. From the perspective of horizontal comparison of sectors, the attractiveness of papermaking valuation is reduced. From a fundamental point of view, in the first half of 2012, after low-priced raw materials were successively put into use, the performance of listed companies will mostly be primary products, but the contradiction between supply and demand suppressed the rebound height and sustainability of performance. In terms of individual stocks, the performance of Chenming paper, Yueyang forest paper, Bohui paper, Taiyang paper and Huatai Co., Ltd. recommended in the early stage is flexible, and the polyurethane material automobile utilization conference is relatively large, which can still be followed

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