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Formulate the Interim Measures for the administration of recycling and utilization of new energy vehicle power batteries. The paper market in the paper industry will remain stable in the short term in April. Market Review: the paper sector fell 0.5% in April, while the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 fell 3. 5% in the same period The most commonly used force measuring sensor is the strain gage sensor. The plate has significantly outperformed the market. From the perspective of individual stocks, Guanhao high tech, Chenming Paper and Zhongshun jierou have increased significantly in the plate, while Qingshan Paper, Annie shares and Shixian paper have decreased significantly. Among them, Chenming paper has increased by 342%-375% year-on-year due to the performance forecast in the first quarter. In the early stage, sun paper is expected to increase by 90%-110% year-on-year in the first quarter, and the profit trough of the paper sector has appeared, However, the market lacks confidence in the subsequent further recovery, and the stock price performance of advantageous enterprises lacks sustainability

pulp and paper industry chain: in the last monthly report, we took "the paper market will enter a stalemate in the short term" as the title. The fact is basically in line with our expectations, and this state will continue. As foreign manufacturers entered the traditional overhaul season in April, the supply of pulp market was limited. Most suppliers announced a price increase of $20/ton, but Chinese demand was weak, and buyers resisted the price increase; In terms of paper, in March, the domestic coated paper market continued its upward trend. Major domestic coated paper manufacturers said that they would increase by 100 yuan/ton from the beginning of the month. In March, due to the traditional peak season, shipments were good. At the end of the month, sun and Huatai shouted an increase of 100 yuan/ton, but the terminal shipping price tended to be stable, and the subsequent increase became more difficult, and the price rise gradually stagnated in April; In terms of double offset paper, in March, the demand for double offset paper increased month on month, and the price increase camp was significantly expanded, but the actual implementation was basically halved, and the price was stable in April; In terms of white cards, the main manufacturers of new materials issued a price increase notice at the beginning of March, with an increase of 100 yuan/ton. At the end of the month, some manufacturers issued a new round of price increase notice. However, as Jingui paper has been produced and Bohui paper has also been debugged, the subsequent price is not optimistic

waste paper industry chain: the United States waste showed a weak trend in mid March, the price fell, and the purchase price of the national waste market basically fell, and basically stabilized in mid April; In terms of paper, some manufacturers of white board paper shouted up, but due to the poor overall demand, the actual implementation was difficult, and the price shouted up, making it more difficult to ship; In terms of box board/corrugated, affected by seasonal factors, the demand is poor, the inventory of manufacturers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions has increased significantly, and the shipping price has decreased slightly

investment logic: according to the performance forecast of the first quarter of 2013 released by major listed companies, the core listed companies have increased significantly, and the low profit of the industry has been established. In terms of paper types, the actual profit of coated paper has significantly improved after a round of price increases, and it is difficult to further raise the price in the short term, but there is basically no impact of new capacity in the next two years, and the profit of paper types will rise steadily; Double offset paper has basically withstood the launch of new capacity in Jiangmen, and the subsequent supply pressure is not large, and it is expected that the profit will be further improved; Since the paper of white card has been produced by Jingui and Bohui has been debugged, the possibility of price reduction by manufacturers to occupy market share cannot be ruled out. In April, sun paper, an advantageous enterprise of cultural paper, will continue to be recommended

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