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Henan paper industry has another environmental storm

shutdown site - more than 200000 yuan steamed balls are sold as scrap iron

April 1st, 2005, is April Fool's day in the west, but for paper enterprises in Xinxiang City, suffering from environmental protection stick is by no means a joke on April Fool's day

at 8 o'clock this morning, the small courtyard of Xinxiang Environmental Protection Bureau was full of cars, and the staff were ready to go. After the car drove away, Xinxiang Environmental Protection Bureau immediately calmed down. The corridors and offices were empty, almost becoming an empty building except for a few people on duty

the factory area of Shunda paper mill in Xinxiang City, Xinxiang County, is also very quiet. You can't hear the roar of machines or see workers working. The yard is full of pipe fittings, which looks very messy. Walking to the steaming ball workshop behind the factory, I saw only the empty base, and the steaming ball on it had disappeared

"13 steam balls were removed. The steam balls bought for more than 200000 yuan were sold as scrap iron after cutting. The whole set of equipment was more than 2million yuan, only more than 200000 yuan was realized, and the rest were thrown here." Speaking of this, Wang Shanchun, the director of the factory, had red eyes. After a pause, he said, "if it weren't for you, I wouldn't dare to come back."

located in qiliying, Xinxiang County, many enterprises use film blowing machines to produce a new type of polyethylene film. Xinxiang Shuchun Paper Co., Ltd. in the town is relatively lively. The workers are dismantling the ball steaming workshop. There is a huge ball steaming high in the room, but it has lost its old look. The chimneys of the company's own power plants no longer smoke

"the steamed ball has been bought. Use CSS (4) 4300 electronic universal experimental machine to test its room temperature and tensile properties at 600 ℃. It will be disassembled in two days. Alas, the machine has been disassembled and production has stopped. How can I repay my 20million yuan bank loan?" Lu Shuchun, general manager of the company, said sadly

"Lu Shuchun talked to me several times. Once, people in their 50s burst into tears. However, those who work in environmental protection should not be soft hearted." Li Fengxian, director of Xinxiang County Environmental Protection Bureau, said

"is there any possibility of resurgence of these straw pulp and paper production lines after the removal of steam balls?" Ask

"it's impossible. Steamed balls are the core equipment of straw pulp papermaking. Just like human hearts, how can people live without hearts? Besides, it costs more than 200000 yuan to buy a steamed ball, and only about 20000 yuan to sell it by scrap iron. Environmental monitoring is so strict that who dares to risk throwing money in?" Li Fengxian said

according to Li Fengxian, there are 11 pulp and paper enterprises in Xinxiang County. By the end of March this year, the pulping facilities of 6 paper enterprises will be shut down. The requirement is to remove the steaming balls and remove them from the factory. In addition, five enterprises will be retained, including Xinxiang Xinya Paper Group Company, Hongda Paper Co., Ltd., Henan Longquan group paper factory, Xinxiang Xingning group and Xinxiang Liudian paper factory. Li added that at present, only two and a half pulp and paper enterprises in Xinxiang County are under construction. Due to the failure of pollution control equipment to meet the requirements, Longquan limited production, Xingning group and Liudian paper general factory in Xinxiang County stopped production, and only Xinya Paper Group and Hongda Paper Co., Ltd. were in normal production

in addition to Xinxiang County, four of the six pulp production enterprises located in Huixian and Changyuan will have their pulp production lines shut down, leaving only two - Huixian Xingyuan paper mill and Huixian Pingyuan paper mill. At that time, there will be 7 remaining pulp and paper enterprises in Xinxiang

the sword of Damocles of environmental monitoring is still hanging on the heads of these seven lucky enterprises. "Before the end of June this year, these seven enterprises will be shut down if they cannot meet the discharge standards! There is no room for negotiation when it comes to water!" Tangyanqing, Secretary of the Party group and director of Xinxiang Environmental Protection Bureau, said categorically

strike hard - stop approving all construction projects that discharge water pollutants in Xinxiang City.

"both Jinshan and Yinshan should also have clear water and blue sky", this sentence is familiar to people. Many standards for bulk waterproof materials are formulated by the American Society for materials and experiments (ASTM); Some environmental protection slogans of products with enterprise characteristics are written on banners and hung in the factory area of Xinxiang first paper group

unfortunately, this slogan hanging on the banner failed to keep the clear water and blue sky of Xinxiang. In January and February this year, Henan Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau reported the monitoring results for four times. The exit sections of four rivers in Xinxiang City - Weihe Huangfu, Communist canal xiamaying, Huangzhuang River Huaxian Kongcun bridge, natural Wenyan canal Puyang Canal Village Bridge all exceeded the standard. Among them, natural Wenyan canal pollution was listed as one of the three key river basins for environmental pollution control in Henan Province this year because it affected the drinking water safety of Puyang City. On March 22, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau held a press conference to impose the most severe sanctions on the river exit section of Xinxiang City for continuously exceeding the standard - to stop approving all construction projects that discharge water pollutants in Xinxiang City

this move shocked Xinxiang City and doubled the pressure on the environmental protection department

who polluted the clear water and blue sky in Xinxiang

according to the statistical results of Xinxiang City in 2001, the total output value of the city's paper industry accounted for about 9.7% of the city's total industrial output, and the profits and taxes were about 20.4%, but the pollutant emissions accounted for 58.2% of the city's total load of industrial enterprises

the paper industry in Xinxiang has once again become one of the five environmental problems that the province will focus on this year due to pollution. From April 1 to 10, Xinxiang Environmental Protection Bureau launched a special action to dismantle the equipment that shut down the paper-making enterprises. It is expected to be officially put into operation at the end of this month. Industrial enterprises that cannot stably meet the discharge standards will be shut down for treatment, and production enterprises will be strictly prevented from exceeding the discharge standards. From May 1 to May 20, a pull inspection will be carried out. If one is found, it will be banned

Xinxiang County is the area with the most concentrated paper industry in Xinxiang City, and the pressure on environmental protection is the greatest. According to panzhiyong, the deputy county head in charge of environmental protection of the county, since the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau has significantly reduced the environmental protection indicators of the exit section of Xinxiang County, according to the sewage discharge equipment and sewage discharge capacity of paper enterprises in Xinxiang County, it can not meet the requirements. Since last December, Xinxiang County Finance has spent money to buy Yellow River water and inject it into Weihe River for dilution. It started with two and a half flows, and has increased to seven and a half flows in the latest month. Therefore, the monthly financial expenditure has also surged from 130000 ~ 150000 yuan to 600000 ~ 700000 yuan. Pan said that the money will be borne by the enterprises that discharge pollutants in the future

even if the pulp and paper production line of the pulp and paper enterprise was shut down and the Yellow River water was paid, the people of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Xinxiang County still failed to sleep

next to the fourth branch of Xinya Paper Group Company in Xinxiang County, a tent was set up on the side of daquanpai river where the sewage was discharged, in which a simple steel wire bed and a dozen water bottles were placed. The words "upstream of the fourth branch, 8:30 on April 2" were written on a water bottle

a middle-aged man came out of the tent. He introduced himself as a staff member of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Xinxiang County. He had been here since March 9. Three people worked in shifts and two people were on duty at night. He planned to stay on duty until the end of June

as the largest paper-making enterprise in Henan Province, Xinya Paper Group is naturally not among the shutdown. Why do people in Xinxiang County Environmental Protection Bureau keep such a close eye on it

according to the staff member, the sewage outlets of the three enterprises in Xinxiang County are watched by people from the Environmental Protection Bureau. They take water every other hour and bring it back to the Bureau for testing. If it is found that it exceeds the standard, it will be dealt with immediately

the pain of industry - the number of paper-making enterprises in Xinxiang has decreased sharply from 463 to 7 in the past 10 years

since the environmental protection storm blew up by the State Environmental Protection Administration, Henan Province has also launched an environmental protection storm recently, with the sharp sword of environmental protection pointing to three key river basins and five key regions

Xinxiang paper and Xinmi paper are listed as two of the five key areas, and the paper industry is once again on the cusp of the environmental storm

according to the requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, all lime straw pulping production lines and other straw pulping production lines with an annual pulping capacity of less than 34000 tons, such as alkali method and ammonium sulfite method, will be closed by the end of June 2005; Close 120 waste paper pulp and paper enterprises with an annual production capacity of less than 10000 tons

as early as the end of March 2003, the provincial government required to shut down the lime straw pulping production line with an annual pulping capacity of less than 20000 tons and other straw pulping production lines with an annual pulping capacity of less than 17000 tons, such as alkali method and ammonium sulfite method; In 2004 alone, 818 grass pulp and paper enterprises with an annual pulping capacity of less than 10000 tons, waste paper pulp and paper enterprises with an annual production capacity of less than 5000 tons and all paper enterprises that cannot stably meet the emission standards were closed

the paper industry is a major industrial polluter. According to statistics, the output value of the paper industry in Henan Province accounts for only 2.73% of the total industrial output value, and the profits and taxes account for only 2.77% of the total industrial profits and taxes, while the water pollution load accounts for 62% of the province

Henan Province's crops are mainly wheat, wheat straw resources are extremely rich, and labor is abundant and cheap. Therefore, since the 1980s, the paper industry with wheat straw as the main raw material has developed rapidly in some places. By 1995, there were nearly 2500 paper-making enterprises of all sizes in Henan Province

according to song Jingzhi, chairman and general manager of Xinya Paper Group, when the government called on "villages to run enterprises and eliminate blank villages", the countryside built a soil steamer and began to make paper, all of which were straw pulp paper. The scale was very small, and it was simply unable to use pollution treatment equipment. The last 100 ton alkali recovery project requires an investment of 50million yuan. First, small enterprises have no funds, and second, they will lose money when they get on the railway

Xinxiang paper industry is famous all over the country. Among prefecture level cities in the country, the paper production capacity is the first, the output of the province is the first, and the scale of low-grade corrugated paper is the first in the country. In 1995, Xinxiang City had 463 paper enterprises, and Xinxiang County alone had more than 100. Now, after many environmental protection storms, by June 2005, the number of pulp and paper enterprises in Xinxiang will be sharply reduced to 7 or even less

taking Xinxiang paper industry as an example, there are many problems, such as small scale, backward technology, unreasonable raw material structure and product structure, poor economic benefits, and difficult pollution control. The overall situation of the paper industry in Henan Province is "one more and one less", "one high and one low" -- "one more" refers to the large number of paper enterprises, "one less" refers to the small number of products with high added value, "one high" refers to the high total amount of pollutant emissions, "one low" refers to the low economic benefits

at present, the product structure of the paper industry in Henan Province is dominated by medium and low-grade products such as cultural paper, ordinary and medium strength corrugated paper, yellow paperboard, etc., accounting for 80%. Most paper-making enterprises use straw pulp as raw material, and the production technology is backward, which has aggravated the environmental pollution

"if you don't make money from pollution control, you'll lose money from pollution control. It's unfair for large enterprises that don't use pollution control equipment. It's doomed to be unable to make profits by sacrificing the environment for a long time. Shutting down small enterprises is to free up environmental capacity for large enterprises, turn on full power production, and form economies of scale." Li Qiumin, deputy director of the pollution control department of the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, said

according to data, the industrial layout of the paper industry in our province is unreasonable, which is too concentrated in Xinxiang and Jiaozuo, while Xinxiang is concentrated in Xinxiang County and Huixian city. The layout is too centralized, which causes the regional environmental indicators to exceed the standard even if the enterprises meet the emission standards

future survival - adjust the structure of raw materials and develop wood pulp and papermaking

"life is the most important. Only by saving life can we seek development." Song Jingzhi said

according to song Jingzhi, the downstream of the group is Yuanyang, and the poor living environment forces them to go on environmental protection projects. In 1996, they loaded 50000 tons of

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