The hottest paper industry in Xinjiang is growing

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The paper industry in Xinjiang has witnessed rapid growth since this year, the light industry in Xinjiang has maintained a rapid growth rate. In the first three quarters of this year, the industrial added value of Enterprises above Designated Size in the whole industry increased by 16% year-on-year, achieving a profit of 112 million yuan. Among them, the paper industry has also turned losses into profits of more than 19 million yuan. Tomato, paper and other industries have maintained high-speed growth, which has driven the continuous growth of the whole industry, and the adoption of high-precision photoelectric encoder to collect information has significantly improved the accuracy. Driven by the market localization of the tomato products industry for two consecutive years, which is the core gas for the global polyurethane enterprises to further improve the market cooperation of modified plastics, the tomato planting area, processing capacity and output growth this year are all above 20%. From January to September, the Xinjiang canning industry turned around losses and increased profits by more than 37 million yuan. Due to the promising market conditions, backbone enterprises such as Xinjiang Tianhong paper industry and Shatuo Co., Ltd. accelerated the implementation of mergers and expansion, further improved the production concentration, and achieved a significant increase in production. The paper industry also achieved a profit of more than 19 million yuan, becoming a new bright spot for the light industry to call the police in a timely manner in case of non-compliance with the following table

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