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China's paper industry is moving forward towards e

in recent years, China's paper industry has focused on the adjustment of scale and structure, as well as the establishment of a modern enterprise system. The emergence of Internet has opened up a new world for the management of enterprises, and road technology has also pushed the new economy in front of traditional enterprises. As a traditional industry, how to face the challenge of e-business, let new technology penetrate into the traditional industry, and combine it to create huge productivity

the paper industry must recognize the rules of network economy, actively participate in the competition in the field of e-commerce, win the market on the Internet, create new marketing means, and leave greater value in the enterprise

a considerable number of traditional enterprises in China have invested in the development of e-commerce on a large scale. According to statistics, about 10% of the more than 1000 listed companies in China have announced that they have touched the market. However, the momentum and overall situation of traditional enterprises' development of e-commerce are not optimistic. According to a survey of 300 key enterprises, 70% of enterprises have insufficient investment in this. At the end of 1998, the investment in information technology accounted for only 0.3% of the total investment of enterprises (8-10% in developed countries)

in China's paper industry, Fujian Hengan Group, as the largest manufacturer of women's sanitary napkins and the main manufacturer of baby diapers, faced the challenge of e-commerce, but jumped ahead and made extraordinary efforts to invest a lot in the informatization construction of enterprise groups. In response to the event that the domain name of Hengan Group was preemptively registered by a private company in Hong Kong in November 1997, it attracted the attention of all sectors of society at that time. After various efforts, Hengan Group retrieved the domain name to check whether the intermediate relay had damaged it, which also inspired the leadership of the group to attach great importance to the importance of information construction, and immediately set about establishing an internal computer management network connecting branches across the country. After more than two years of design, construction and operation, it has begun to take shape and has also played an important role in the overall management of the group company. On this basis, Hengan Group has recently installed 14 DDN special lines for the establishment of a national internal computer management network. It sets a precedent for domestic paper industry and private enterprises in China to adopt DDN dedicated line technology for road management and e-commerce

Hengan Group has 17 Companies in 14 provinces and cities in China and more than 130 sales offices and business departments all over the country. Its products are sold to major and medium-sized cities and vast rural areas across the country. Companies rely on established to avoid dry friction; The internal local area, fax and e-mail carry out multi-directional communication and exchange, so that the enterprise management is on the track of modernization, and the normal sequence of different materials in the operation process is scientific and collectivized

through modern network management, the system management department of Hengan Group can "inspect and inspect" all branches at any time and anywhere to timely understand the raw material supply, production progress, management status, market development, sales performance and other aspects of information and data of all branches. All decisions, instructions and documents of the headquarters can also be instantly delivered to subsidiaries thousands of miles away. Using DDN dedicated line can realize 24-hour timely communication by using digital technology, which changes the shortcomings of weak time limit and low transmission quality existing in the previous timed transmission by using lines and analog signals, and greatly improves the work efficiency and economic benefits. In order to realize the collectivization management of enterprise production, sales, procurement and other work, it effectively improves the management level of the whole company and promotes the improvement of the enterprise's own quality

Heng'an group took the lead in obtaining IS09002 quality system and product quality certification in the same industry in China. Now it is actively carrying out road construction and continuously improving the level of enterprise information construction. It has injected "brain platinum" into the era of China's entry into WTO and economic globalization, so that the "management central nervous system" of the group headquarters can play a better role in the tide of market economy, and the production orders also rise sharply The commanding role of winning thousands of miles will win fruitful returns for the enterprise

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