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The paper industry has entered the period of strategic transformation, "Chinese brand" is in urgent need of building

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core tip: since the reform and opening up, China's pulp and paper equipment has undergone earth shaking changes with the rapid development of the paper industry, and has successfully provided various paper machines, paperboard machines, household paper machines, slitting Coating, packaging, material preparation, pulping, alkali recovery and other complete sets of equipment and production lines have initially formed a modern production system with complete supporting systems and complete categories

[China Packaging News] since the reform and opening up, China's pulp and paper equipment has undergone earth shaking changes with the rapid development of the paper industry. It has successfully provided the pulp and paper industry with a variety of paper machines, paperboard machines, household paper machines and complete sets of equipment and production lines for cutting, coating, packaging and material preparation, pulping, alkali recovery, and has initially formed a modern production system with complete supporting systems and complete categories. In 2013, China's paper equipment manufacturing industry achieved an output value of 38.5 billion yuan, a profit of 2.6 billion yuan, and an export volume of about 800 million US dollars. In 2014, with the decline of the growth rate of the paper industry, the paper equipment manufacturing industry achieved a main business income of 27.679 billion yuan from January to August, an increase of 8.4% year-on-year

the level of China's pulp and paper equipment has reached a new level

in the past 10 years, China's paper equipment industry has given full play to its comparative advantages and late development advantages and achieved a series of breakthrough innovations, such as the independently developed cultural paper machine with a width of 5600 mm and a speed of 1200-1500 meters per minute; A paperboard machine with a width of 5600 mm and a speed of 800 meters per minute; A 4800 mm wide and 800 m/min Coated Whiteboard machine; The large-scale double roll pulper with an annual output of 600000-1.5 million tons of chemical wood pulp, especially the world's first non wood fiber vertical continuous steamer independently developed by Quanlin paper, was successfully put into production. All these show that China's paper equipment manufacturing industry has the foundation and conditions to sprint to the world's second phalanx

reviewing the tortuous development process of China's pulp and paper equipment manufacturing industry, it can be roughly divided into three stages. The first stage is the stage of laying the foundation and initially completing the industrial layout of equipment manufacturing industry, forming the layout of three main engine plants in Shanghai, Xi'an and Liaoyang, and successfully producing 3150 paper machines in the 1960s. In the second stage, under the guidance and promotion of the former State Economic and Trade Commission and the State Light Industry Bureau, through the implementation of nearly 10 technology and trade projects, the gap with foreign advanced equipment in key equipment and fields has been narrowed, relying on the data I will provide to predict the results of these innovations, and the existing customer data of steel traders in the city has laid a foundation for rapid development. The third stage is the current stage of rapid development and catching up

although China's pulp and paper equipment manufacturing industry has made remarkable achievements, due to its late start, poor foundation and insufficient investment, it still lags far behind the three major paper equipment giants Andritz, Metso and Voith in the world. Equipment is the carrier of process technology, and also the centralized embodiment of process and technology. At the same time, pulp and paper equipment is a super large electromechanical integration and intelligent integration equipment, which requires information and intelligence, and high reliability under high-speed operation conditions. It is a high-end manufacturing industry with dense technology, and it is also the embodiment of a country's equipment manufacturing capacity and strength. Therefore, China must plan the development of equipment industry from a high starting point, enhance the ability of independent innovation, speed up the process of catching up and surpassing, aim at the goal of the second square of the international pulp and paper equipment manufacturing industry, and vigorously implement the strategy of high-end, catching up and leapfrogging

cope with the challenges of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform

at present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution is about to emerge in the world. The third industrial revolution is rising, and the international industrial adjustment and new technological revolution caused by it are advancing rapidly. A new round of technological revolution will have a significant impact on the future manufacturing industry

first of all, digital and intelligent technology and equipment will run through the whole life cycle of products. In the future, digital technology, network technology and intelligent technology will permeate and integrate into the whole process of product research and development, design and manufacturing, and promote major changes in the production process

secondly, digital technology will profoundly change the production mode and industrial form of manufacturing industry. Digital platform technology is the carrier to realize digital manufacturing. New technologies and platforms such as new generation interconnection, big data and cloud computing are emerging. It is urgent for manufacturing enterprises to be good at making full use of various new digital platforms and better integrate into the global industrial chain and the design of experimental machine hosts and accessories, which is an example of the Xianjin technological innovation chain in Shimadzu, Japan. The globalization of resource allocation has become a new way for manufacturing industry to cultivate competitive advantage. Enterprises decompose the value chain and production process to different countries and regions through networks, and the industrial division of labor pays more attention to specialization and refinement. Multi regional cooperation in technology research and development, production and sales is increasingly strengthened. Driven by the new Internet, low-cost large-scale manufacturing and small batch personalized production are combined, and large-scale personalized manufacturing to achieve low cost becomes possible

thirdly, green and service-oriented have increasingly become a new trend in the transformation and development of manufacturing industry. The most important thing for the future manufacturing industry is to realize the efficient utilization of resources and energy and minimize the damage to the ecological environment. New product design concepts such as green supply chain in Europe and the United States, low-carbon reform, and zero emissions in Japan continue to rise. Cleaner production processes such as green manufacturing are becoming more and more popular, and the venous industrial chain such as energy-saving and environmental protection production and remanufacture is constantly improving, indicating that the green development goal of the manufacturing industry has become a consensus

in a word, the brewing and promotion of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform will profoundly change the production mode and industrial form of the manufacturing industry, pose a severe challenge to the pulp and paper equipment manufacturing industry, but also provide a rare opportunity to catch up and surpass the development, giving us the opportunity to stand on the same starting line with the world giants. Therefore, we should closely follow the latest developments in science and technology, grasp the development direction, and truly take the road of innovation driven development

build a Chinese brand of pulp and paper equipment

at present, China's pulp and paper equipment 12. The manufacturing industry of multiple grating protection equipment is entering a new stage of structural adjustment, industrial upgrading, and innovation driven development. With the paper industry entering the strategic transformation period of deep adjustment, the peak of large-scale introduction of foreign advanced equipment has passed. Due to the continuous improvement of the role and position of investment and production factor cost in future competition, the demand for cost-effective, advanced, applicable and reliable domestic equipment is increasingly urgent, which provides a huge market demand space for the development of pulp and paper equipment manufacturing industry. Therefore, the equipment manufacturing industry should seize the rare development opportunity, make efforts from four aspects, vigorously implement the high-end strategy, and constantly improve its competitiveness

first, we should adhere to the development strategy of combining socialized mass production and professional cooperation, strengthen the integration of manufacturing resources, form a modern industrial cluster structure led by mainframe and composed of many professional enterprises, and resolutely overcome the stubborn diseases of large and comprehensive, small and comprehensive. Achieve coordinated development, win-win cooperation and prevent internal disorderly competition. At present, a new mode of distributed manufacturing has been launched all over the world, that is, the decentralized individuals, design resources and individual needs are organically connected. Through the integrated decentralized mode, personalized customization can be achieved while determining cost control and on-time delivery. The characteristics of the distribution mode are mass entrepreneurship, mass demand and crowdsourcing

the second is to clarify the positioning, vigorously promote the differentiation strategy, aim at the international advanced level, adhere to international standards, local advantage strategies, and adhere to high-end, going global and international development

the third is to accelerate the accumulation of innovative elements such as technology, talent and capital. We should speed up the construction of key laboratories in qualified enterprises to make them the source of enterprise innovation ability and the core of enterprise competitiveness. At the same time, we should promote and strengthen the joint research of key infrastructure

fourth, take the path of deep integration of industrialization and industrialization with Chinese characteristics, strengthen integrated innovation, digest, absorb and re innovate, take DCS system and control system as a breakthrough, integrate and provide complete sets of technology and equipment, and create conditions for outsourcing

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