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South Korea's top 10 packaging in 2004

South Korea's packaging monthly and the South Korea Packaging Industry Research Institute recently selected the top 10 packaging in South Korea in 2004

1. sluggish domestic demand and rising raw material prices have made the packaging industry unbearable.

2004 witnessed a continuous decline in the domestic market of South Korea. Coupled with the rising raw material prices, the packaging industry of South Korea has spent a hard year

as the international oil price has risen repeatedly and even set a record, the price of materials for the experimental steps of plastic packaging Vicat softening point testing machine has also risen sharply. It was not until the end of 2004 that the price of plastic raw materials fell down

the steel price has been raised three times in this year, making the can making industry in a tense state throughout the year

the most worrying and distressing thing for the packaging industry is the rise in raw material prices, because the prices of packaging products can not increase synchronously. It is expected that the cloud of rising prices of raw materials shrouded in the packaging industry will not dissipate completely in 2005

2. continuous food safety problems

adverse dumpling events, imports of mad cow disease beef and avian influenza have occurred one after another, highlighting that 2004 is a year of frequent food safety problems. Therefore, the proposal that poultry packaging sales must be implemented by 2008 at the latest has been put forward

the necessity of increasing the development of various packaging technologies such as food safety and food preservation is becoming more and more clear. IS022000 will be implemented in the packaging industry from 2005, and the packaging industry should be fully prepared

3.rfid test begins to be implemented

RFID technology, which is highly concerned by the world, has been tested in Korea in 2004

the Ministry of information and communications of the Korean government will allocate the 908.5mhz-914mhz radio frequency band to RFID technology

the Ministry of industry and resources plans to formulate 50 RFID related technical standards by 2008.

4. the "technical route of packaging industry" begins to meet the requirements of mechanical properties.

in order to promote the development of packaging industry in South Korea, the "technical route of packaging industry" showing medium and long-term strategic objectives begins to be implemented. The technical route of the packaging industry points out the development direction of the packaging industry in Korea by analyzing all technologies in various fields of the packaging industry, and points out that the development of the packaging industry needs the support of the government

5. composite synthetic resin has become the applicable object of EPR

since january2004, the synthetic resin of multi-layer composite materials, such as instant noodle packaging bags and snack packaging bags, has become the applicable object of the producer reuse system (EPR), including material recycling and reuse. After the implementation, especially in the initial stage, citizens can report the insufficient advertising of producers and the insufficient recycling of local autonomous bodies

6. users pay attention to saving packaging costs

in the years of economic downturn, the end users of packaging pay special attention to saving the cost of raw materials, among which saving packaging costs is the most urgent. Therefore, the packaging industry should take into account the reduction of the purchase price of existing products and improve the applicability and efficiency of new packaging

7. China's import of packaging materials accelerated

China's packaging materials and containers entered the Korean market with the advantage of low price. The price of packaging materials imported from China is only half of that of similar products in South Korea, so the import volume has increased significantly

not only packaging materials, but also China's packaging machinery and processing machinery have also had considerable imports

8. continue to maintain the national technical qualification system related to packaging

abolish the national technical qualification related to packaging, i.e. packaging industry engineer, packaging engineer, etc., which has been emerging since 2003, but it has been decided to continue to maintain this system in 2004. The existence of packaging related technical qualification system has a significant impact on cultivating technical talents in the packaging industry and improving the status of the packaging industry

9. spray plastic bags are popular

the competition among various packaging materials is increasing, and the application of plastics is significantly increasing. In 2004, a kind of spout plastic bag for beverages was immediately popular. This kind of drink bag is very convenient to carry and drink, and the machine base is well combined with the cement foundation. If it is not drunk at one time, it can be sealed and drunk again

10.the prevalence of PET bottled beer

since november2003, the large package PET bottle beer (with a capacity of 1.6 liters) launched in the Korean retail market has continued to prevail. In particular, high-capacity PET bottled beer was first used in Korea and attracted the attention of countries all over the world

within 3 months after the start of sales, the market share of large capacity PET bottles of beer has soared to 15%, which shows how popular it is. This will have a favorable impact on the development and sales of new packaging products

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