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There are still ten new industries to be developed in China

there are still ten new industries to be developed in China

October 8, 2001

experts believe that there are still ten emerging industries to be developed in China, including environmental protection, marine, tourism, culture, education, sports, exhibition, logistics, agricultural science and technology, community, etc. These industries have broad prospects for development. They can not only promote the sustainable development of the national economy and provide more employment opportunities, but also have rich profits. They are expected to become a hot field of investment. Today, we learned from the China International New Industry Development Summit being held here that in the next five to ten years, China will transform traditional industries with high and new technologies, actively develop emerging industries and cultivate new economic growth points

in terms of marine industry, China's proven offshore oil reserves are 1.7 billion tons, accounting for less than 7% of the total reserves of 25.5 billion tons. In the future, offshore oil exploration and development will be promoted from shallow sea to deep sea; More and more tourist resorts have appeared in coastal cities and islands, attracting tens of millions of tourists every year. Since the 1990s, the income brought by them has increased at an average annual rate of 30%; In addition, marine chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, seawater desalination and other industries have good development prospects

as an emerging industry, the sports industry has begun to take shape worldwide, with an annual output value of 400billion

US dollars, increasing at an average annual rate of 20%. In recent years, China has seen the emergence of sports brokers, and related industries have begun to show that the exhibition industry has become a strong engine to stimulate the economic growth of 1833 Taiwan in a single month in December. At present, more than 4000 large-scale exhibitions are held worldwide every year, with a direct economic benefit of 280billion US dollars. China's exhibition industry and its derivative service industry are also growing, and has initially formed a new industry

it is understood that the China International new industry development summit with the theme of "new century, new economy and new industry" has attracted more than 150 people from the political, business and academic circles at home and abroad who have made contributions to the company. They will focus on the definition, manifestation and development trend of the new industry in the next two days, promote the necessity and urgency of new industry development, and encourage the development of new industries to pay attention to waterproof Moisture proof measures and strategic guidelines were discussed extensively

what is "new industry"

new industries, also known as emerging industries and new economies, are different parts of the sample compared with traditional industries or traditional economies. They generally refer to the new industries that can promote the rapid development of the national economy

countries with different levels of economic development have different specific meanings of new industries. In developed countries, after decades or centuries of development, people's demand for housing, automobile, tourism, home appliances, highways and other industries began to decrease, and the growth rate was relatively stagnant. However, the information industry has become a new industry to promote the growth of the national economy. In China, the economy has not taken off for a long time, and many industries have just begun to develop. For developed countries, some traditional industries are still emerging industries for us

at present, new industries can be roughly divided into three categories according to their sources: one is the

industry formed by the industrialization of new technologies, such as the application of bioengineering technology; One is to transform traditional industries with high and new technologies, so as to form new industries, such as the new material industry formed by the transformation of the iron and steel industry; One is the emerging industry formed by the industrialized operation of social public welfare undertakings, such as the media industry

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