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The first top ten paper industry in China was jointly organized by the information center of Xinhua news agency and the China paper industry information center. The first top ten paper industry in China was coming to an end recently. The principle of this activity is "comprehensive, accurate and authoritative"

the selection activity first recommended 15 candidates by the selection committee composed of famous experts. Through the readers' selection and on-site selection, the top ten Chinese paper industry in 2000 were launched. The selection results will be released by Xinhua news agency at home and abroad

list of the selection committee: weiguohai, caopufang, Zhao Wei, huangrunbin, yangmaoxian, yuyiji, huzongyuan, Gu Minda, caozhenlei, chenshengqian, caochunyu, Kuang Shijun, Huang Yunji, yuzhengqian, mashihui, liurenqing, zhuyince

the 15 candidates recommended by the selection committee composed of famous experts are as follows:

first, in February 2000, the China Paper Association was changed, and the new leaders of the China Paper Association were elected

II. In March, 2000, the State Economic and Trade Commission launched the "two high and one excellent" project oriented plan for national key technological transformation, and gave support to 27 topics to verify level 1 Experimental machines and use level 0.3 standard dynamometers. The paper industry included a total of 25 projects in the plan

III. in June, 2000, for example, in a moving car, the spot price of China's pulp market suddenly fell against the trend, and the international wood pulp market was deeply affected

IV. 200 such as laser, xenon lamp, etc. in June of 2000, 52 million A-share shares of "Minfeng special paper" were listed and traded in Shanghai Stock Exchange, raising more than 320 million yuan

V. in June 2000, the 400000 ton carton board production line of Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. was put into operation. The production line provided by Finland Valmet is the largest carton board production line in China at present

Vi. in July, 2000, the China papermaking association held a seminar on the integration of forestry and paper in Nanping to promote the process of China's forestry and paper integration

VII. In August, 2000, UPM group purchased 51% of the shares of Asia Pacific Resources in Changshu factory with us $150million, and renamed the Asia Pacific paper factory in Changshu as UPM paper

8. In August 2000, the Myanmar 200t/D bleached bamboo pulp project, the largest overseas project of China's paper industry, was officially signed

In August, 2000, China's largest paper machine with a width of 8.1 meters was put into operation in Guangzhou paper mill

10. In September, 2000, 90million A-share shares of "Huatai" were listed and traded in Shanghai Stock Exchange, raising more than 1 billion yuan, becoming the first A-share listed company in Shandong paper industry

In September, 2000, Shandong Taiyang Paper Co., Ltd. and Professor Zhu Zhiti, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and inventor of Triploid Populus tomentosa, officially launched the project of establishing a papermaking fast-growing forest base. Therefore, sun paper has become the first paper-making enterprise in China to use gene technology to build a paper-making fast-growing forest base

12. In September, 2000, the Fourth International Academic Conference on non wood fiber pulping and papermaking was expected to be held in Berlin on March 11, 2015 and held in Jinan. More than 50 overseas representatives from the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Finland, Sweden, India and other countries attended the conference

XIII. In November 2000, Chenming Paper issued 70million additional A shares in B shares and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, raising 1.5 billion yuan. Chenming Paper became the second listed company in China to issue additional A shares in B shares

XIV. In 2000, the utilization rate of waste paper in China's paper industry reached more than 40%, a record high

XV. The state has approved the establishment of Fuxing pulp and paper company, which is responsible for preparing for the construction of China Malaysia joint venture forest farm and large-scale pulp mill project and Zhanjiang pulp mill project. (from China Packaging Information Association)

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