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YASKAWA motor (China) Co., Ltd., top ten motor brands, international famous brand

Yaskawa motor (China) Co., Ltd., top ten motor brands, international step 1: check the famous brand of displacement sensor of tension machine, one of the leading brands in the industry, an enterprise with cutting-edge technology, and an enterprise providing overall solutions, YASKAWA electric machinery (China) Co., Ltd., an enterprise specializing in the R & D, design and production of motor products, is the head office of Yaskawa electric machinery in China, formerly known as the sales subsidiary of Yaskawa electric machinery in Shanghai. In 2011, it increased capital to the subsidiary to establish the head office of "Yaskawa electric machinery (China) Co., Ltd." to uniformly manage six subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenyang, Liaoning Province, and to manage, sell Cooperation in production. Since its establishment, Yaskawa electric (China) Co., Ltd. has made contributions to society and public utilities with its unique technology. Guided by the entrepreneurial spirit of Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan, it has made contributions to various industrial fields where China is the main driving force for paper enterprises to raise prices

Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 1915, initially specializing in the production of motors. Based on the in-depth understanding of motor products and the concept of "making contributions to society and public utilities with unique technology", after more than 100 years of dedicated research and development, Yaskawa Electric is now the leader in many fields, and can also purchase multiple sets of equipment to produce one finger at the same time. The company's inverter, servo motion control, industrial robot and motor products are recognized by users in various fields around the world. Yaskawa products represent high performance, high reliability and high safety

the technology and products of Yaskawa electric have been applied in a wide range of fields, such as electronic component installation devices, machine tool equipment, general industrial machinery, medical devices, etc. Its representatives are the mechanical controller that creates high value-added machinery and supports its informatization, the frequency converter that realizes energy saving and mechanical automation, and the servo motor that is considered as the heart of machinery

the data that can be processed is very limited. The rich motion and control optional components enable the servo system and input/output equipment connected to the system to provide high-speed and high-precision response. Mechatrolink supports motion control and 1:n synchronous communication to meet high-precision motion control performance. At the same time, it supports the open industrial standard network

as the company's specialized Mechatronics machine and driving process with rich technical experience, it takes the world industry as the stage and makes contributions to the realization of ultra-high speed and ultra precision control

drive control business:

the drive control business department of Yaskawa Electric has integrated various innovations and the world's latest technologies into the frequency converter and has made products, which has achieved a leading position in the industry. As a world standard, these cutting-edge technologies have penetrated into various fields, and the quality, performance and function of frequency converters are well known in the world, thus ensuring the market share of No.1 in the world

motion control business:

it is equipped with the most advanced products, such as servo driver with speed and frequency response of 1.6kHz, controller with up to 256 axes. From general industrial machinery to semiconductor and electronic parts manufacturing equipment, we can provide the most suitable servo and controller products for various purposes

system control business:

mainly focuses on the sales and technical services of high-voltage frequency converters for metallurgy, electric power, cement, municipal administration, petrochemical and other industries. At the same time, it is engaged in the sales and service window of CP series controllers, high and low voltage AC and DC drives, high and low voltage AC and DC motors, related supporting devices and other engineering products of Yaskawa motor system engineering department in Japan

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