Top ten news of Zhongtian Technology in 2007

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The 365 days and nights of the 2007 Top Ten of Zhongtian Technology have left too many memories for the people of Zhongtian Technology, some of which can enter the history of the industry. In 2008, Zhongtian people were given more expectations. According to the company's actual performance, customer evaluation, industry influence, media focus and many other indicators, Zhongtian Technology selected the following ten in 2007:

first, the construction of ultra-high voltage power is known as a revolutionary initiative with milestone significance. Zhongtian science and technology won the bid for all three kinds of special ground wires, which was highly praised; The 1000kV UHV demonstration project, which has attracted worldwide attention, has been tested by a third-party organization in China

II. The demand of China new energy is expected to exceed the deadline. The deep-sea optical cable and connector box of Tiantian technology have passed the appraisal of the Ministry of information industry. This achievement has been reported by dozens of domestic and foreign media such as CCTV alliance

III. Zhongtian science and technology has made a breakthrough in the fiber rod drawing technology, with an annual production and sales of more than 5million cores, thus stopping the damage to the land and sea, leaping to the top 5 in the industry The fitting clearance between the working piston and the oil cylinder is too large

IV. ZTI Hitachi RF, which has been established for less than three years, has achieved leapfrog development. In China Mobile's centralized purchase, it ranks first in terms of comprehensive strength, technological innovation, product post evaluation, etc., showing obvious late development advantages

v. while maintaining the first market share in China, Zhongtian OPGW has successfully developed a series of new products, such as sector lightning proof OPGW, aluminum clad steel pipe corrosion-resistant OPGW, OPPC, etc., providing a solution for China's electric communication to operate in special environments

VI. Zhongtian Technology brand optical cable has customers in 44 countries and regions such as Poland, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Brazil and Jordan. Its total export volume ranks behind that of Corning, Alcatel and other multinational companies in China, becoming the first local enterprise in China

VII. Zhongtian Technology has compiled the first enterprise social report of China's optical communication manufacturing industry, and established a long-term mechanism to strive to be an excellent enterprise social citizen

VIII. Zhongtian Technology has obtained the wire product certification of 23 national unit wires and cables and power communication products, and further established its position as a supporting supplier of national power system products

IX. Zhongtian science and technology paper "research and practice of special optical cables", which embodies the independent innovation efforts of Zhongtian science and technology engineering technicians, was officially published. Experts commented that the book provided cutting-edge ideas and thinking for the optical fiber and cable industry

X. Zhongtian Technology controls Beijing Zhongzhou intercontinental Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yupin Communication Technology Co., Ltd., extending its main industrial chain to the field of optical fiber sensing and detection and the field of wire and cable manufacturing equipment

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