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Top ten events in China's paper industry in 2020 release date: Source: China paper author: Zhong Xiaowen

2020 is a year of ups and downs for the paper industry. The COVID-19 at the beginning of the year brought heavy losses to the industry. The tightening of external waste forced enterprises to open up new channels for raw materials. The implementation of the "plastic restriction order" brought new opportunities for "replacing plastic with paper". Under these circumstances, paper makers are still full of confidence and pursuit to draw a blueprint for the future of the paper industry. Today, China paper (No.: zgzywwx) will take an exclusive inventory of the top ten events in China's paper industry in 2020

1. congratulate! Academician Chen Kefu's team won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award. On the morning of January 10, the project - "key technologies and industrialization of clean production and water pollution control in the whole process of pulp and paper making", with South China University of technology as the first completion unit and academician Chen Kefu of the State Key Laboratory of pulp and paper making engineering as the first completion person, won the first prize of the 2019 National Science and technology progress award, It has achieved a breakthrough that colleges and universities in Guangdong Province have taken the lead in winning the first prize of the national science and technology award

now, the integrated technology developed by the project team has been applied in the pulp and paper production lines and end-of-the-pipe waste water treatment of more than 10 large and medium-sized paper-making enterprises in Guangdong, Guangxi, Henan and Hebei, such as Shandong Taiyang Paper Co., Ltd. and Shandong Huatai Paper Co., Ltd. At the same time, the technology has all been selected into the feasible technology guide for pollution prevention and control of pulp and paper industry issued by the Ministry of ecological environment, which has been promoted nationwide as an advanced technology recommended by the industry

2. At the beginning of the year, the COVID-19 in Wuhan affected the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese people. Each province made an emergency response and started the first-class response! At this critical juncture, China's powerful and responsible paper-making enterprises actively responded to the initiative of the state to donate money and materials to the epidemic area, and generously donated money and materials regardless of gains and losses, so as to overcome difficulties and tide over difficulties

app (China) of Jinguang Group donated 100million yuan and 350000 yuan worth of Qingfeng sanitary Wipes; Hengan Group donated 10million materials and cash to Hubei and Fujian provinces; Shanying international donated 1million cash and 20000 medical masks to the charity Department of Gongan County, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province; Weida Group donated many batches of sterilized wipes, adult diapers and other products to Hubei, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other regions

3. The first in the paper industry this year* On June 9, *st silver pigeon's share price ended at the limit, closing at 0.92, and it was difficult to escape the end of delisting

since May 13, the company's shares have been declining all the way after closing at the price of 0.99, with the lowest falling to 0.70 on May 22. Since then, they have been wandering underwater and finally locked the face value for delisting. In less than four years, the share price fell from a historical high of 12.92 per share to below 1 today, a sharp drop of about 92.3%

this is also the first listed enterprise in the paper industry to be delisted this year

4. On August 28, Bohui paper (hereinafter referred to as "Bohui") announced that all shares held by Bohui group had been transferred to Jinguang paper [app (China)]

it took 15 months for app (China) to acquire Bohui since the listing began in June last year. After this acquisition, the two white cardboard giants merged, and the market share of golden light paper industry will exceed 50%. The oligarchy effect will become more and more obvious, which will play a decisive role in the discourse power of the white cardboard market

5. Leading strong trading! A number of paper enterprises have issued price increase letters. Under the prohibition of plastic, the trend of replacing plastic with paper has become a trend. In January 2020, China issued the most stringent "Prohibition of plastic" to comprehensively restrict the use of non degradable plastics. According to the opinions jointly released by the national development and Reform Commission, supermarkets, pharmacies and catering packaging and takeout services in municipalities, provincial capitals and other regions will take the lead in banning plastic from 2021. Promote the use of non plastic products such as environmental protection cloth bags, paper bags and degradable shopping bags in public places

under the background of the restriction on the use of plastic packaging, many downstream consumer enterprises are looking for a way to replace plastic to close the oil return valve, with paper replacing plastic as an important alternative direction. White card paper is the main product that uses paper instead of plastic. It can be used in the packaging of common commodities in the market, such as medicine, daily necessities, fresh milk and other liquid packaging boxes. It is expected that the new demand for food white cardboard brought about by the plastic ban will reach 1million tons

6.2021 is a foregone conclusion. It is expected that the paper price will remain high before the Spring Festival

on November 25, the Ministry of ecological environment, the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission and the General Administration of Customs issued the announcement on matters related to the total prohibition of the import of solid wastes, which said that the import of solid wastes in any way was prohibited. The announcement shall go into effect as of January 1, 2021

in 2020, China approved a total of 67487400 tons of imported waste paper. Under the ban on foreign waste, it is expected that the gap of imported waste paper will become more and more obvious throughout the year. Driven by the upstream cost, the box board corrugated paper factory has a strong willingness to support the price

in order to alleviate the bilateral squeeze between supply and demand, major leading paper mills began to actively pay attention to and layout the construction of overseas waste pulp. China's leading paper enterprises have accelerated to go to sea and made frequent extension actions, which can be divided into acquisition group and factory building group

7. The exchange meeting on the current situation of commercial pulp was successfully held. On July 10, the "exchange meeting on the current situation of commercial pulp" was held as scheduled. The exchange meeting was hosted by China Paper Association and undertaken by Xiamen Jianfa Paper Co., Ltd. and the commercial pulp Working Committee of China Paper Association. The conference is open to the public in the form of online live broadcast

this meeting also set up a round table forum to discuss the current situation and future of pulp. The guests from the two live broadcasting rooms connected to discuss the "danger" and "machine" in the epidemic, the supply and demand balance of market pulp, port logistics and inventory, enterprise transformation and upgrading strategy, etc., freely speaking, and jointly making suggestions for the development of the paper industry

8. "2020 China paper industry interconnection and Digital Transformation Development Summit Forum" and "2020 China automation industry chain alliance paper industry think tank expert forum" were successfully concluded. From September 14 to September 16, China Automation Industry Chain Alliance (CAIC), China Automation Union (Beijing) Technology Industry Development Co., Ltd The "2020 China paper industry interconnection and Digital Transformation Development Summit Forum" and "2020 China automation industry chain alliance paper industry think tank expert forum" hosted by Shaanxi University of science and technology were successfully held in Ningbo! The well-known experts, scholars and guests in the industry brought 36 industry reports and presented a wonderful Feast of digital transformation technology

at present, the paper industry is facing a series of challenges such as resources, cost, security and environment. At the same time, it is also facing the historical opportunity of a new generation of information technology revolution such as automation, digitalization, networking and intelligence. How to seize this opportunity and establish a new power and new model for enterprise development with "technology leading and digital innovation" is directly related to the survival and high-quality development of enterprises

dpex2020 Nanjing tissue annual conference was grandly opened

the 27th tissue international science and Technology Exhibition (2020 tissue annual conference and international women, infants and children, adult health care products exhibition) was grandly opened in Nanjing International Expo Center on September 24. Enterprises and professionals in the industry gathered in Jinling to go to this annual industry appointment

the annual Fair attracted a total of 868 exhibitors, the highest number ever. Nearly 30000 people visited the fair in three days. More than a thousand brand products were exhibited at the same time, and hundreds of devices were started for demonstration

10. In 2020, the express business volume exceeded 80billion pieces, and the prospect of green packaging is broad.

according to the monitoring data of the State Post Office, on December 21, the annual express business volume in China exceeded 80billion pieces for the first time, breaking the annual express business volume record again. Since 2020, China's postal express industry has shown a trend of "opening low and moving high". At present, the postal express industry has become the norm with an average of more than 200million pieces per day, serving nearly 400million users per day, and playing a more prominent role in serving the people's livelihood

with the increasing national attention to environmental protection, the development of green and lightweight express packaging has become a common practice. According to the statistics of the State Post Office, in the first three quarters of 2020, the packaging proportion of "slimming tape" reached 94.3%, the secondary packaging rate of e-commerce express reached 68.5%, the utilization rate of recyclable transfer bags reached 87.2%, and 35000 postal express points with standard packaging recycling boxes were added. Thus, the market prospect of green packaging industry is very broad

2020 has passed quietly. "19" represents that the maximum passenger capacity of China's first large passenger aircraft is 190 seats. In 2021, zero import of foreign waste will inevitably bring about a shortage of raw materials for the paper industry and provide more and more space for selection. Replacing plastic with paper will expand market demand. The new year will be a year of both opportunities and challenges. We will wait and see where the future goes

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