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Top ten hot spots in the pharmaceutical plastics industry in 2017

recently, people in the industry summarized the hot spots in the pharmaceutical plastics industry in 2017 from the perspective of the shortage of infusion bags in hospitals in the United States. The following is a summary of articles on medical treatment. These articles have aroused the resonance of readers. Among them, each task proposed can be implemented with the highest degree of attention. The following 10 items are used to realize the dedicated closed-loop control of displacement, deformation and speed:

no.10 blame the hurricane

in November, a sharp question was raised: whose is the amazing shortage of intravenous infusion bags in American hospitals: Hurricane Maria, resin supplier or medical device OEM? Puerto Rico has more than 100 pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. The hurricane has seriously affected the operation of many of these facilities. The United States has been affected by the shortage of infusion bags in hospitals. Some industry observers believe that the shortage of infusion bags has been a problem for many years, and the hurricane is only part of the reason, which is not enough to make the problem so serious

no.9 problems of bioabsorbable polymers

in the interview of plastics today in January, len czuba, a material expert of czuba enterprises, a product design and development company, provided some valuable insights on the challenges and opportunities faced by bioabsorbable polymers in the field of medical technology

the value of medical devices to patients is obvious. "After the healing of bones, blood vessels or sutured tissues, it is no longer necessary to provide supportive medical devices during the healing process." chuba said: "if it continues to exist, in the long run, the body will begin to reject it like any other foreign body."

however, many challenges have prevented bioabsorbable materials from playing a large role in the market. This includes the reluctance of material suppliers to use their materials for long-term implants, the complexity of design and manufacturing, and the high cost of compatible polymers

no.8 war on bisphenol a

although the European food safety administration and other government agencies have declared that bisphenol A (BPA) is safe for human beings at the current level at different times, the Committee of the member states of the European Chemical Agency unanimously voted in June to determine that it is still controversial. This is the latest round of controversy in the bisphenol a war. Bisphenol A is a component of polycarbonate. Therefore, it exists in countless products

industry organizations swear to challenge public opinion, but the results may be predetermined in the court of public opinion. As some media have written, "the health problems related to bisphenol a continue, consumers are more willing to seek products without bisphenol A, and advocacy groups have successfully forced enterprises to find alternative materials."

no.7 robot rescue

California Reny Med company started single person operation in the mid-1980s by using leased equipment on a rented vacant lot. Today, the company manufactures medical components for the world's top 100 medical equipment companies. The fully integrated injection molding and mold design and construction business enables it to complete work that other mold companies cannot. The company's equipment is the core part of the production process. They are as flexible as the company's employees and can meet the requirements of high mixing and small batch production

no.6 what color is your medical equipment? This is very important

medical devices must meet a large number of safety and effectiveness requirements before they can be put on the market. Christine Park, industrial designer of starfish medical in Canada, said that color is usually not considered too much

"color can reassure patients," Parker said. "For example, if patients feel anxious about dental surgery or are about to have a serious examination, the color of rooms and medical equipment can alleviate this anxiety. Another example is that cold colors are related to relaxation and tranquility, yellow and orange are related to optimism, so these colors are very good for rehabilitation equipment. I try to use color to promote positive emotions."

when working with a team making iPad and iPod accessories, Parker learned the concepts of colors, materials and finishing categories of industrial design. She brought this sensitivity to the medical design of starfish medical company, and wisely applied color theory to medical devices, which not only comforted patients, but also brought confidence to doctors

no.5 excellent medical design, brought to you by plastics

polymer and plastic processing, has played a significant role in the design and manufacturing of medical products. For example, the winner of the implant and tissue replacement product category is visiteci ring from beaver visitic international. In cataract surgery, the disposable pupil dilator can safely and gently transfer the iris to the field of vision and contact the lens in the eye. The device consists of six injection molded parts made of four different thermoplastics and a micro molded polyurethane copolymer ring, designed with four movable hinges, four through holes and as small as 0.002 inch. Scientific Molding Co., Ltd. is the supplier and design partner of the project

no.4 material is an important reason for the recall of medical devices

Jeffrey Ellis, chief research scientist of Battelle Institute, said that the main reason or possible reason for the recall of 30% to 40% of medical devices by the food and drug administration is the material problem. The reason can be traced back to the process of material selection and the engineers' reliance on material data sheets

Ellis explained: "materials that look good may be found in the material data sheet, but remember that unless otherwise specified, all tests are conducted under ASTM conditions, usually 23? C and 50% relative humidity. If the tests are not conducted under these conditions, the data obtained may be different from those on the data sheet."

the way materials are handled also introduces variables that may not be considered in the data sheet. "The temperature, pressure and humidity of the material should be tested according to the conditions of the material in the application," Ellis said

no.3 counterattack against plastic pseudoscience? Golds meets the needs of agricultural operation environment and special equipment. Clare goldsberry showed no mercy in resisting radical organizations that demonize plastics in the name of health and safety. She urged the plastic industry association to fight against garbage Science in public

she wrote: "people need to understand the situation. It is up to us to undertake this task within the industry, so that we can make decisions based on good science. We need to work with PG, mondelez and Campbell soup And other large consumer goods companies to let them know that we support food packaging as safe as possible, and ensure that science is really science, not hype, so that we can build an industry based on science and supported by them. " Her appeal resonated with the readers of plastics today, making this article the third most popular medical article this year

no.2 the connection between Wolverine and the development of materials science

parents prevent their children from reading comic books on the grounds of wasting time, but Wang Chao, assistant professor of chemistry at the University of California, riverside, likes Wolverine very much. His love for Wolverine's life and his thoughts on regenerative superpowers inspired him to develop a transparent, scalable and conductive material that, like Marvel characters, can withstand various forms of abuse and self heal

the tensile length of this rubber like material can reach 50 times of the original length. After being cut, it can completely reattach or heal within 24 hours at room temperature. Chao Wang of the University of California at riverside and his researchers are exploring its potential applications, including self-healing robots and biosensors

no.1bd hopes to raise the injection molding technology to a new level

the intersection of injection molding and medical technology has received great attention from the plastic processing industry. According to the number of market research companies, BD, one of the world's top ten medical device companies, began to build injection molding and manufacturing plants in Columbus, Nebraska in November. The company said it would spend $60million to upgrade and expand its facilities into "one of the largest and most advanced plastic molding plants in the world"

it is reported that BD is one of the largest users of injection molded plastic parts in the world. It plans to conduct centralized injection molding in the factory, which is expected to be completed by 2021

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