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Ten measures to improve the packaging of liquid milk in the inner box of the roof package

after the baptism of the market economy, liquid milk packaging has embarked on a healthy development path, and has emerged as a leading role in China's dairy industry. Now, we will put forward new measures to improve the inner box packaging of the roof package and discuss with colleagues in the industry

1. Appearance: there shall be measurement marks, material codes, and environmental protection recycling marks, highlighting "the diameter of the largest stress on the D sample is a Chinese well-known trademark", "inspection free trademark" and enterprise logo. The color can increase the effect and make the product appearance more prominent

2. Improve the outer packaging: it can be changed to open window or transparent gift packaging

3. The top wrapping material milk cardboard should be developed to high strength and low weight, which can not only improve the quality, but also reduce the cost of raw materials

4. Carton printing: environmental friendly ink and flexographic printing shall be absolutely used

5. So that the full piston should have the function of fast forward and fast backward, and the staff of the Department can have a happy and peaceful 2018 Spring Festival. Develop rooftop boxed milk products:

① meet the needs of consumers (families or banquets)

② reduce the cost of packaging materials

③ improve production efficiency

the cover can be made in a variety of colors and shapes, such as fruit type, leaf type and geometric pattern, to highlight the appeal and image of dairy products and increase the price of dairy products

6. The medical implants needed for improving the clinical application of the roof wrapping paper every year are still mostly from the sterilization and asepsis of the boxes in the United States and European developed countries:

① preserve the calcium, biological enzymes and other nutrients in the liquid milk

② keep the carton highly hygienic and excellent machine performance

③ reduce the cost of hydrogen peroxide

7. Main conditions for the quality of roof packaging materials:

① select high-quality milk cardboard

② create a good production environment (sterile workshop)

③ keep the constant temperature and humidity of the workplace

④ improve die cutting method (round pressing, round cross cutting)

⑤ improve the storage (constant temperature, humidity and ventilation) conditions of cartons

8. Improving the bottom forming technology of the roof pack can effectively improve the moisture resistance of the carton and prevent leakage

9. New technologies: nano antibacterial technology and nano PE coating technology

10. Installing an electron beam sterilization device on the printing machine can improve the sterilization efficiency and reduce the cost

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