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Waterway decoration in home decoration is a very important detail. If the owner does not pay attention to these problems and the acceptance is not strict enough, it will cause many unnecessary troubles in future daily life. Therefore, the owner should strictly accept the home decoration waterway when home decoration, so what should he do

I. when laying water pipes, the owner should try to prevent laying from the ground, preferably from the top or the wall. The amount of pipe can be slightly increased, but it is conducive to future pipe maintenance

second, it is necessary to distinguish between hot and cold water pipes, because the wall thickness of hot and cold water pipes is different, and hot water pipes cannot be used for cold water pipes

III. pay attention to the pipe diameter and wall thickness. Generally, the main pipe should use 6 branches, and 4 branches can be selected. In order to ensure water consumption, 6 branches can also be used

fourth, pay attention to whether the inner diameter of the pipe is symmetrical. Uneven diameter will affect the docking of the two interfaces

V. It is necessary to strictly follow the regulations on the time and pressure of pressure test in the "quality standard for home decoration projects" of the building decoration industry association: the newly installed water supply pipeline must be pressurized according to the relevant regulations. The test pressure of metal and its composite pipe is 0.6MPa, and the pressure drop in the pipe should not be greater than 0.02MPa without leakage after stabilizing for 10 minutes; The test pressure of the plastic pipe is 0.8MPa, the pressure is stabilized for 20 minutes, and the pressure drop in the pipe should not be greater than 0.05Mpa, without leakage

whether it's waterway or circuit, or even some other details, the owner should be very careful when decorating. As the saying goes, details determine success or failure, which is probably the reason




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