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Whales in the family, because of their huge body, have more capacity to fill with happiness and love. Because of the huge body, there is a larger area to snuggle with each other. Now let's take a look with coroya wallcovering


in the deep and silent deep sea, whales cruise silently

some one after another, some shoulder to shoulder,

in the boundless ocean

in the center of the ocean, it is uncertain whether it is the center, in the center of the ocean

move forward with the fish in the ocean current

silently accompany

in the seaweed floating waves

with the ancient flowing tenderness and compassion

in the family, Because of the huge body

there is more capacity to fill with happiness and love

because of the huge body, there is a larger area to snuggle up to each other

pursue, freely, bravely,...


starry blue whale

defined by astronomy, Cetus is one of the constellations in the equatorial belt and a large constellation across the north and south of the equator. There is a variable star in the constellation Cetus, which is similar to the traditional Chinese "the moon is cloudy, clear, round and incomplete". The moon is cloudy and sunny, and people have joys and sorrows. Don't sink when life is at a low ebb, and don't get lost when you are in a high position. Look at ordinary things with an ordinary mind, such as the blue whale cruising in the deep sea. The larger it is, the more silent it is

then, I can't help thinking of you, dear child

when we are still a child, when we come to this world, the first thing we do is to devote ourselves to learning, learning happiness and courage, learning love and dedication. Give others what you learn and get. Experience it, too! Various, downstream and countercurrent. Even in strange waters, it will not stagnate because of fear. When adults think we are still cute clownfish, we are gradually growing into whales, day by day, day by day

with happiness and courage, dedication and kindness

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starry blue whale kx1096-3

starry blue whale kx1096-1

whale paradise

Hermanus is located in southern Africa. It is a world-famous whale watching holy land, where a wide variety of whales thrive. Therefore, the place where whales gather symbolizes a superior, pure and conducive environment, calm, beautiful and full of vitality

the elegant tone creates a quiet room atmosphere, which is suitable for bedrooms, especially children's bedrooms

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plain color matching

(image and text source: kolaya wall cloth, invasion and deletion)




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