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On March 6th, 2012, according to the CAD drawings provided by manager Xie of Zhongshan, Mr. Wang of Liu Tianshi Feng Shui network analyzed the 8-story decoration Feng Shui layout of a business building for him, mainly to find problems and guide solutions

manager Xie believes in Feng Shui. He took over the design of this business building and has been paying attention to the layout of Feng Shui. After all, he is not a professional Feng Shui person and is not sure about the layout principles and requirements of Feng Shui. Before the design drawings are about to be delivered, he decided to consult Feng Shui experts, hoping to correct the deviation and achieve the best layout effect of the design, so as to avoid any problems that may be found during construction, It's a little difficult to modify again. After all, it's not a small project, so it's very important to have a rigorous and reasonable design. Even if you spend a little more money to find experts to make a conclusion, you can buy it at ease

so the network consulted several feng shui masters, and finally selected Mr. Wang, who is good at drawing Feng Shui analysis and layout of "Liu Tianshi Feng Shui network", to serve him. After careful analysis and judgment by Mr. Wang, it was found that most of the designs made by manager Xie still conform to the principles and requirements of Feng Shui layout, and only some areas need appropriate adjustments, such as green dragon, white tiger, rosefinch and basaltic, of course, some adjustments are only partial, At this stage of the design of the drawings, it is unrealistic to make any major changes

in fact, manager Xie hopes so, as long as it is not a serious or critical violation of feng shui principles and requirements, it can be resolved through appropriate improvement. This time, I learned some details of Feng Shui layout and laid the groundwork for more detailed design work in the next step. At present, the main thing is to improve the large framework and structure first, and even if there is no obvious error or deviation, it is in line with the original intention

in fact, the designers of many decoration design companies are mainly post-80s. Decoration design tends to be unrestrained modeling design, but ignores some Feng Shui likes and dislikes, such as door-to-door, too many triangles or polygons in the shape, too many sharp corners and corners, too long corridor to form an alley, it is difficult for the screen to be hollowed out, how to place the threshold stone, how to match the decoration color How to place the floor tiles is a factor that will have a great impact on Feng Shui, so we have to be careful

there are three pages in total. The first page is 123. The next page is that many friends found the problem, which is generally after the decoration has been completed. The rectification is costly and wasteful, not to mention the mess in the home. Therefore, qualified friends generally invite professional feng shui masters to conduct on-site survey and guidance, hoping to survey and layout the best Feng Shui pattern according to the drawings and the actual situation on site before decoration, so as to make themselves more prosperous

but what about friends without conditions? Is it true that the decoration construction party will make mistakes in the decoration construction according to the design drawings? Wait until you find the problem that the decoration project has been completed before going to investigate? Why don't you think about consulting Mr. Feng Shui before decoration to avoid unnecessary losses? In fact, drawing analysis of Feng Shui is also scientifically reasonable. It is mainly to change the design into a more reasonable and effective Feng Shui layout in combination with the boss's destiny, not just to check and correct errors in the design drawings of the design company. The drawings designed by the design company are generally based on the load-bearing structure of the building to design the basic framework, which is more extensive, and generally do not pay attention to Feng Shui factors. Decoration design companies generally design the decoration pattern according to the boss' preferences or their own style, which is easier to guide each other wrongly, so that they design a lot of decoration layout contrary to feng shui principles

therefore, Tianshi Liu reminds you that if you want to avoid Feng Shui mistakes from the design drawings, it is very necessary to analyze Feng Shui from the house type design drawings, which is not only responsible for your pocket, but also for your future wealth and health

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once a woman is upgraded to be a pregnant woman, she will suddenly find that she has so many things to pay attention to and learn. She not only pays attention to what she eats, wears and uses, but also seems to have norms in her every move, and she also needs to learn nutrition, medical knowledge and psychology

in fact, in addition to clothing, food and transportation, housing is also an important factor that cannot be ignored. And all this, of course, is to make the little life in the abdomen be born healthily and smoothly

pregnancy in October is a joyful and long process. In this process, the living environment will have an important impact on pregnant women and fetuses. So, for families with pregnant women, how should they pay attention to the layout of their environment


the gas field in the room of Zhengdong in the southwest of cuiwang will have a great impact on pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, the focus of pregnant women's home layout is to accept gas, and it is better to accept Yang gas and invigorate gas. The room where pregnant women live must be ventilated, and more windows should be opened for ventilation. Don't stay in a closed air-conditioned room for a long time because of the hot weather in summer

in addition, the room should not be dark. There should be enough sunshine or moderate light to allow Yang Qi to gather and expel Yin Qi

in addition, this year, the southwest is at the prosperous gas level and the East is at the festive level, so we can focus on the two directions of family and room layout. Placing aquatic plants or aquatic devices in the southwest to strengthen the gas field is conducive to the smooth birth of BB; In the East, green is often used, such as green carpets, green decorations, etc., to stimulate the atmosphere of celebration, which can make the fetus healthier and smarter


moving fetal Qi

for pregnant women and fetuses, eliminating adverse factors and maintaining the stability of the Qi field are the most important. During a woman's pregnancy, it is best not to decorate or break ground at home, transform the stove, or easily change the room or move the bed

generally speaking, if you can conceive in a certain environment, there will be no big problem. Don't change it easily to avoid unnecessary trouble

this year, due to the position of Sansha in the west, Taisui in the northwest, the two black stars in the middle palace and the five yellow stars in the northeast, don't move these four directions in the home, otherwise it is easy to cause accidents and diseases, which is very detrimental to pregnant women and fetuses

women should not move during pregnancy, because the fetus is used to breeding and growing in a certain environment. If they move into a new environment, all the magnetic and sound fields of the new house are different from the original. Once the fetus cannot get used to it, it is likely to hinder development and even bring danger

lying in bed when pregnant women rest and sleep is also a key point to pay attention to. Generally speaking, keep the bottom of the bed clean and tidy. If there is a certain space under the bed, pay attention to placing only clean clothes and bedding, and not old clothes, sundries or other strange objects, especially metal sharp tools, tool boxes and toys. If there are sundries under the bed and it is necessary to move the bed, it is best to choose an auspicious day and move the bed and remove the sundries when the pregnant woman is out, so as to avoid adverse effects on the fetus


many people like to place mascots at home as a way to pursue good luck and avoid bad luck. Zheng Qizhi's teacher said that mascots cannot be placed casually. Putting things wrong or placing them in the wrong position will backfire, especially pregnant women at home. They should be more careful when using mascots or decorations

in addition, mascots such as zombies, lions, tigers, elephants, and ornaments such as ancient swords and wind chimes will have adverse effects on the fetus and are not suitable for placing at home

in addition, pregnant women should not have too many flowers and plants in their homes, otherwise the Yin Qi is too heavy, which is not conducive to their health, and fish tanks should not be placed indiscriminately

for pregnant women, suitable decorations are mainly simple, bright and pleasant pictures and photos, such as beautiful landscape paintings, scenery pictures, photos of children smiling, etc. the patterns of walls and soft decorations should also be mainly happy, rather than animal patterns

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