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To keep the hearts of consumers, aluminum alloy sliding door enterprises also need to be praised by consumers. This requires not only that aluminum alloy sliding doors only work hard on products, but also that enterprises also need to have certain strategies for word-of-mouth marketing


in the aluminum alloy sliding door industry, various strong aluminum alloy sliding door brands are blooming everywhere. In order to retain the hearts of consumers, aluminum alloy sliding door enterprises also need to praise consumers repeatedly, which not only requires aluminum alloy sliding doors to work hard only on products, but also requires certain strategies for enterprise word-of-mouth marketing

at present, in the e-commerce industry of home building materials such as aluminum alloy sliding doors, it is a difficult problem to achieve the real arrival of packages and reduce the refund rate. No e-commerce enterprise of aluminum alloy sliding doors has been able to achieve proud results in the double 11 promotional activities. However, this has sounded an alarm for the development of e-commerce of aluminum alloy sliding door enterprises

there must be a reason why consumers refund after placing an order, whether it's quality, logistics, or service. Any link will lead to the inability of products to sell, and may lose a consumer forever, leading to the deterioration of e-commerce reputation. Is it easy to turn over? So things that seem to be detailed need to be done better

in traditional industries such as aluminum alloy sliding doors, many people understand word-of-mouth marketing, which means that enterprises spread their product information or brands through mutual exchanges between customers in the process of brand building. Word of mouth can bring the most direct marketing position to traditional enterprises or industries. It is generally considered that word of mouth is very important for products. However, with the improvement of the quality of consumers and the subsequent installation of aluminum alloy sliding door industry, word of mouth is also important in all aspects of services. Of course, if you are doing e-commerce, you need to consider word of mouth in more aspects, The first is the logistics mentioned above

Xiaomi marketing explained to everyone the word-of-mouth marketing effect brought about by the product and price advantage, as well as the aluminum sliding door products. Sometimes the function and even the appearance can meet the personalized needs of consumers, which can be more popular. However, in the domestic aluminum sliding door market, manufacturers seem to be more willing to work hard on competing for "gimmicks", and there is little innovation, resulting in the confusion between the authenticity of the aluminum sliding door market, This overdraft is the trust of consumers, which will eventually harm the entire industry. Only by steadily optimizing every detail of the product can we make products that satisfy consumers

in addition to Xiaomi's experience, another thing to recommend is the word-of-mouth marketing of traditional catering Haidilao. Haidilao's skyward service is well known. Someone once ordered fruit in the store and wanted to take it away. Unexpectedly, the waiter said he couldn't pack it, but at the time of checkout, Haidilao's waiter gave the consumer a whole watermelon, saying that the cut fruit was unsanitary and difficult to take away. If he wanted to pack it, he would give a whole watermelon. From this example, it can be found that the core of Haidilao service is word-of-mouth, and it has achieved what Lei Jun said, "the spread of word-of-mouth is beyond expectation", which makes consumers firmly willing to pay more for its high-quality services

when traditional industries enter e-commerce, we can't ignore word-of-mouth, and we should make the best of it. Don't let things be small, and the success or failure of business often depends on whether these small things can be handled correctly. Small and medium-sized aluminum alloy sliding door enterprises can get a share in the aluminum alloy sliding door market with large brands only by improving the service quality. Therefore, it is not difficult for aluminum alloy sliding door enterprises to do word-of-mouth marketing, but it is not easy to do well in word-of-mouth marketing

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