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Low price attraction, budget omission, Jerry building, designers taking kickbacks, imperfect contracts &hellip& hellip; Summer is the peak season of home decoration, and also the peak period of complaints about home decoration. On June 20, at the home decoration seminar of the provincial consumers' Association, the provincial consumers' Association released typical cases of home decoration consumption disputes, and discussed how to prevent and avoid disputes in the process of home decoration and how to solve disputes

in view of the hot issues of consumption disputes in the home decoration industry, the provincial consumers' Association proposed that the decoration enterprises in the province operate in good faith, pursue quality, improve after-sales services, and reduce consumption disputes

Liaoning consumers' Association will work with some decoration enterprises to produce and publish a white paper on consumption guidelines for home decoration, including decoration guidelines, precautions and relevant materials, and put forward traps and precautions that are easy to appear in the process of decoration, so as to remind operators and consumers. In addition, the standard process of home decoration, dispute resolution and standard process will be included in the white paper to facilitate the settlement of consumption disputes and provide benchmarks for the industry as a whole

industry insider labor costs doubled, technology did not see progress

“ In the past, he was an apprentice for three years and a waiter for three years. Now the home decoration industry is seriously lack of technical teams with high quality, excellent technology, craftsmanship and professional ethics& rdquo; Yesterday, the chairman of a decoration company said that due to the lack of professional training of bricklayers and carpenters, it was difficult to find good craftsmen and the decoration quality was uneven. Coupled with disorderly competition among industries, labor costs are rising day by day& ldquo; The bricklayer who used to be 250 yuan/day has now risen to 500 yuan/day, which is still difficult to hire. The increased labor costs are passed on to consumers& rdquo;

the main reason for consumer complaints and disputes is that at present, most decoration companies are only construction enterprises, generally emphasizing construction over design, coupled with non-standard decoration contracts, lack of originality and details in decoration design drawings, and great randomness; The negotiation between consumers and decoration companies is not thorough enough, and sometimes decoration companies cannot fully introduce the information related to decoration to consumers; In the process of decoration, consumers make changes in the decoration design due to factors such as price, time, materials, beauty and practicality, which are not determined in writing or other forms, resulting in disputes that are difficult to resolve

deliberately omitting items when making the budget to sign the bill as soon as possible

home decoration budget is the premise for decoration companies to sign contracts with consumers, and it is also the key to disputes. Industry insiders said that in order to sign the bill, individual companies usually decide the budget quotation based on the customers' wear& ldquo; If there is a good car to take the place of transportation, the price for wearing is 100000 yuan, and the price for wearing is generally only 35000 yuan& rdquo; Some designers privately promise to give gifts to customers in order to sign the bill and offset the performance. Because the oral commitment cannot be written in the contract, it brings trouble to safeguarding rights in the future

in the decoration consumption disputes, the top two quality and contract disputes are closely related to the budget. If the project does not make money, the quality of the project is likely to be discounted, or the building materials are shoddy, or the workers' skills are not good; In order to sign the bill, some companies deliberately omit items in the budget, and then ask the customer to add money and items during construction& ldquo; There must be no omission in the construction drawings with integrity. If there is a omission in the budget, it is playing tricks& rdquo; The person in charge of a decoration company said

for the “ Lifetime warranty ” Commitment, a person in charge of a decoration company has doubts: “ Decoration industry ‘ Lifetime warranty ’ It may also be a gimmick. What is lifelong warranty? The service life of some materials is 5 years, 10 years, 20 years. How to guarantee it for life& rdquo;

typical case

What if the home decoration company fails to provide the

design scheme and budget as scheduled

on January 14, 2017, the consumer Mr. Sun signed the "residential decoration sales and service contract" and the "residential decoration project construction contract" with a company in Shenyang. The two sides agreed that a company would be responsible for the all inclusive decoration of Mr. Sun's residential house and promised that all design schemes would be completed before April 1, 2017, and Mr. Sun would pay the down payment of a total of 18000 yuan

later, Mr. Sun found that many places in the contract that should be filled in by the decoration company were blank, including house area, number of rooms, specific location, budget, etc., and the decoration company did not provide Mr. Sun with the design scheme and budget quotation at the agreed time. Sun repeatedly negotiated with the decoration company without results, so he turned to the Provincial Consumer Association for help

the provincial consumers' Association contacted a company and pointed out that the contents that the operators should fill in in the contract signed by both parties were not detailed and complete, lacked the necessary items required by the law, and did not deliver the design scheme as agreed. The operator voluntarily proposed to terminate the contract and return the first payment of 18000 yuan paid by the consumer

tips from the Consumer Association: the contract is a paper record of the rights and obligations of both parties, and it is the basis and proof of rights and obligations. For consumers, when signing a contract, they should carefully check the contents of the contract. In addition to the fixed terms, they should also carefully check whether the contents filled in by both parties are complete and accurate. The operator should also write the contract completely and in detail in line with the concept of good faith management, and abide by the contract law, the consumer law, the measures for the administration of residential interior decoration, etc., and earnestly perform their obligations

what should we pay attention to before changing the design scheme after signing the contract

on November 12, 2015, Dandong consumer Wang signed a construction contract with a decoration company to decorate the house. The decoration time was agreed to start on November 12, 2015 and end on March 5, 2016. At the same time, both parties agreed to complete one item, and both parties will accept one item on site. If there is any objection, it will be corrected on site. If the acceptance is qualified, sign for approval, and then proceed to the next construction

when laying water pipes, the decoration company laid water pipes by itself without consulting with consumers. When laying the circuit casing, consumers found that most of the circuit casing was less than 30 cm, and many parts had connectors. Consumers asked for work stoppage and rework. If they could not do it again, they would stop performing the contract, but the decoration company did not recognize it

it is understood that the main contradiction between the two sides is that during decoration, consumers constantly change the decoration design, and operators do not recognize the temporarily changed design of consumers, so they should decorate according to the drawings. Finally, after many negotiations, the decoration company agreed to terminate the contract and return the rest to consumers after deducting some expenses

tips of the Consumer Association: before the operator makes the design and decoration drawings, consumers should clearly inform the decoration company of their own ideas, and repeatedly negotiate with the decoration company. When signing the contract with the decoration company, they should carefully read the contract and clarify their rights and responsibilities and obligations of the business. Once the contract is signed, the decoration company and consumers cannot change it at will, including construction time, construction items, construction materials, construction drawings, etc. In case of any change, both parties shall negotiate carefully and indicate the changed part in the original contract, so as to ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of both parties are not infringed. (source: Liaoshen Evening News)




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