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The "made in China 2025" framework sets the path for the upgrading of the automotive industry is imminent

just as German industry 4.0 took the lead in making a breakthrough in the automotive sector, the automotive industry is bound to become a key driving force in the grand plan of made in China 2025. Relying on the "Internet + strategy" and focusing on key words such as innovation driven, intelligent manufacturing, strong foundation and solid foundation, green development, high-end breakthrough, it has become the due meaning of the development of China's automobile industry to create an upgraded version of China's automobile industry

with made in China 2025, the top-level design and path selection in China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power are presented to the Chinese people for the first time

benchmarking with German industry 4.0 to create an upgraded version of China's manufacturing industry, such an exciting picture will be first laid out in the ten fields of new generation information technology, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, advanced rail transit equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, power equipment, new materials, biomedicine and high-performance medical devices, and agricultural machinery and equipment

just as German industry 4.0 took the lead in making a breakthrough in the automotive sector, the automotive industry is bound to become a key driving point in the made in China 2025 grand plan

from this extension, made in China 2025 frames the path of China's transformation from a large automobile manufacturing country to a powerful automobile manufacturing country. Taking advantage of the Internet + strategy and focusing on key words such as innovation driven, intelligent manufacturing, strong foundation and solid foundation, green development, high-end breakthrough and so on, building an upgraded version of China's automobile industry has become the due meaning of the development of China's automobile industry

learn from rather than blindly follow and surpass

China's manufacturing industry once showed a dangerous tendency from reality to emptiness. In the new round of global industrial chain restructuring, it also faced the competitive pressure of developed countries. Li Yizhong, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and former Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that in addition to German industry 4.0, the Reindustrialization, manufacturing revitalization, advanced manufacturing partnership program of the United States, the Revitalization Strategy of Japan, and the new industry of France are stepping up their penetration into the field of equipment manufacturing and energy and new materials industry, and actively promoting the all-round transformation of traditional industrial production methods

from the perspective of global competition, the original advantages of China's manufacturing industry are disappearing or weakening, and integration into the Internet + strategy has become an inevitable choice. For the auto industry, which has long pursued the route of introduction, absorption, digestion and innovation, this road is more difficult

Li Yizhong pointed out that made in China 2025 has put forward clear requirements for the automotive industry. The automotive industry should not only strengthen the development of new energy vehicles, but also do a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. At the same time, electronic information technology should be widely used in automobiles, and the interconnection with the automobile industry should be fully realized in technical standards, policies and other aspects, so as to promote the development of the automobile industry by means of informatization

this is obviously a long and gradual process, for which cautious Germans are not eager for success. It's like making a jigsaw puzzle. You can see every fragment, but it will take some time to see the whole picture. Wolfhenning schedler, a member of the board of directors of Bosch Group in Germany, said. It is reported that a factory under the group has adopted the basic principles of industry 4.0 and is trying to evaluate the effect of industry 4.0 with different indicators

an industry 4.0 production expert of BMW Group in Germany also said that in BMW Group, continuous improvement of production system is a daily work. Industry 4.0 is the next step in line with BMW's logic, not a revolutionary change

in contrast, facing the heat wave of Internet +, some Chinese enterprises are not so calm. The Internet thinking that China's auto industry is passionate about is sometimes only reflected in the efforts of Chinese auto companies and it giants to install more useful or useless things for cars. Lack of respect for technology, evaluation of applicability, and long-term planning, some products and plans with the concept of smart cars look somewhat illusory

when more and more Chinese enterprises claim high-profile that they have developed or are about to develop disruptive smart car products, German enterprises are still carefully considering and evaluating whether a technology based on industry 4.0 really has substantial improvement

the completion of applications and solutions related to industry 4.0 is gradual. It will take some time before we officially launch the real products related to industry 4.0 to the market. According to experts from the German Federal Trade and investment agency, the launch of substantive products is a project that requires sincerity and patience

it is also noteworthy that, compared with China's collective car making movement of fully embracing the Internet on a large scale, most of the enterprises participating in the German industry 4.0 project are specific enterprises in specific industrial fields, especially large enterprises and institutions such as Bosch, while the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises with unique German characteristics is always very low

of course, the industry also has different views on German industry 4.0. The industrial 4.0 proposed by Germany emphasizes technology too much, and its focus is too micro, and it is a top-down man-made oriented change, which is different from the current spirit of open and shared Internet. Guochongqing, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and Dean of the school of economics and management of Tongji University, admitted that German industry 4.0 is too technical and focuses on the future intelligent chemical plants. It tends to be a micro transformation of hard configuration, heavy production and technology, and is more people-oriented

in addition, in the view of many people, Germany's economy is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, and its national conditions are different from those of China. German industry 4.0 is not suitable for China

indeed, German industry 4.0 is a strategic choice for Germany to explore future industrial production ways and rebuild industrial advantages, while made in China 2025 is not only to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing, but also to achieve high-end leapfrog development in response to the development of the new technological revolution, which is more extensive and profound

learning from German industry 4.0 does not mean that every move should be vivid, but takes its essence, learns its essence, and forms its own faction. In fact, this is also the original intention of made in China 2025

innovation rather than renovation breaks through the breakthrough

in made in China 2025, innovation is an absolute high-frequency word. There is no doubt that open innovation will be the main choice for China's manufacturing industry in the future

in fact, made in China 2025 proposes that it will take China about three decades to complete the transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. And the first of the four changes is the transformation from factor driven to innovation driven

for a long time, there have been many structural contradictions in China, the world factory. Only in terms of innovation driven, China has long been in the stage of extensive development with insufficient core technology, and it often ranks at the bottom of the U-shaped structure of the industrial chain profit theory, resulting in serious restrictions on the space for product added value and profit appreciation. As Su Bo, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said, not mastering key core technologies is one of the prominent problems in China's industrial structure. The core of promoting made in China 2025 is innovation and re innovation

in this environment, the development of the automotive industry is also facing the dilemma of insufficient innovation ability and lack of core technology. The topic of whether the joint venture independent brand is true or false innovation has always been hot

in fact, adhering to independent innovation has always been a topic that cannot be bypassed by the automotive industry. In the context of the official launch of made in China 2025, the significance of independent innovation in the automotive industry is more prominent

according to made in China 2025, China's automobile industry can find several innovative starting points

for example, accelerate the construction of national innovation centers. In terms of the current market situation, due to the absence of basic generic technology research from the original national scientific research institutions, basic research and innovation in some basic fields have also been weakened. Made in China 2025 proposes to build a number of manufacturing innovation centers that combine industry, University, research and application, and undertake the core task of building an automobile power in the form of industrial alliance, with phased results. This is a great advantage for local automobile enterprises that have been expecting independent development. After all, independent development is based on common technology and basic technology research

similarly, in made in China 2025, intelligent manufacturing has been placed in an important position

we are not a strong manufacturing country, and we do not have a large number of internationally competitive backbone enterprises. Major technologies and equipment for industrial development need to be broken through. Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, said that intelligent manufacturing will be the main direction to complete the transformation from a large manufacturing country to a powerful country. According to its disclosure, the Ministry of industry and information technology is participating in major engineering research on intelligent manufacturing, and will select key areas, regions and industries for pilot and demonstration exploration in about three years to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing

take the smart car that is currently hot for example. In recent years, intelligent vehicles have become a hot topic in the field of vehicle engineering and a new driving force for the growth of the automotive industry. Made in China 2025 proposes to vigorously promote intelligent manufacturing, which will surely build a larger platform for intelligent vehicles and promote substantive progress in intelligent vehicles

at the same time, the rapid development of Internet and the rapid integration with industry have also rapidly extended the definition of automotive industry innovation. Whether in the R & D and production links or in the consumption and circulation links, the mobile Internet has brought great changes to the automotive industry

in addition, the industrial strong foundation project will promote the development of automotive basic parts, basic processes and basic materials. The resistance of the variable resistance sensor of the dynamic magnetic oil gauge will increase with the increase of the oil level in the oil tank, which will generate a great driving force; Green development project is in line with the core of automobile energy conservation and emission reduction 5 Relative error of torque indication: ± 1%, which accelerates the development and promotion of new energy vehicles; Some projects based on high-end equipment innovation will also improve the level of the entire automotive industry and accelerate the breakthrough process of China's automotive industry through special means

simplify administration rather than reduce administration, make progress in inaction

adhere to market leadership, reform and innovation, give play to the role of enterprises as the main body, promote large and medium-sized enterprises in a supporting manner, strive for breakthroughs in key areas, achieve practical results, and give preference to fiscal, taxation, finance, talent and other policies. Through unremitting efforts, we will build an upgraded version of China's manufacturing industry. The message conveyed by this statement is exciting

for a long time, multi head management and Jiulong water control have been the chronic diseases of China's automobile industry management. The management efficiency of China's automobile industry has been seriously affected by the mutual prevarication of problems and competition for interests. A senior person in the automotive industry admitted that the automotive industry lacks overall strategy and overall consideration, unified goals and clear directions, resulting in overlapping and even contradictory regulations and standards, and the lack of systematization and operability. Taking automobile product certification as an example, there are 49 tests in the announcement certification and 47 tests in 3C certification, of which 44 are basically the same

recently, the automotive industry has enjoyed the dividends brought by the reform. Through a series of policy adjustments in the circulation sector, the automotive industry has taken the step of streamlining administration and delegating power, and the monopoly pattern of the market is gradually playing out

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