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Made in China 2025 focuses on Intelligent Manufacturing A-share investment opportunities appear

made in China 2025 focuses on Intelligent Manufacturing A-share investment opportunities appear

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the "2015 International Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing" hosted by the Chinese Academy of engineering, the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences was held in Beijing yesterday. Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, emphasized at the meeting, Intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of "made in China 2025"

promote the intellectualization of manufacturing process

MIIT 3. Connect the 3-phase 4-wire 50 hertz long Miao Wei said at the meeting that "made in China 2025" must adhere to the basic ideas and framework of innovation driven, intelligent transformation, strengthening the foundation and green development. Focusing on the transformation and upgrading of key industries and the new generation of information technology, intelligent manufacturing, additive manufacturing, new materials, biomedicine and other key areas, the construction project of manufacturing innovation center will be launched and implemented as soon as possible

Miao Wei stressed that we should take intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of "made in China 2025", grasp the R & D and production of intelligent equipment and intelligent products, accelerate the R & D and industrialization of intelligent products such as wearable products, intelligent household appliances and service robots, and vigorously promote the intellectualization of the manufacturing process through intelligent manufacturing equipment such as high-end digital machine tools and industrial robots and intelligent production of building materials

according to previous media reports, the made in China 2025 plan has been approved by the executive meeting of the State Council and may be announced in the near future

five major projects in two stages

Zhou Ji, President of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said at the meeting that "made in China 2025" will be implemented in two stages: the first stage is from 2015 to 2020, the application of digital network technology will be comprehensively promoted, and some industries and enterprises will carry out intelligent technology pilot and demonstration, such as vigorously promoting the "CNC generation" mechanical product innovation project; The second stage is from 2020 to 2025, which will vigorously promote the application of networking and intelligent technology. For example, efforts should be made to promote the innovation project of "intelligent generation" mechanical products

Zhou Ji also said that "made in China 2025" will implement five major projects: Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, manufacturing innovation and construction engineering. Silica gel is an inert material with good biocompatibility, industrial foundation engineering, green manufacturing engineering, and high-end equipment innovation engineering. Among them, the core of the highest taste is to implement intelligent manufacturing engineering

a-share investment opportunities appear

Guotai Junan believes that "made in China 2025" has outlined the development blueprint of manufacturing industry in the next 10 years. The integration of interconnection and traditional industry will be the commanding height of a new round of development of made in China, and intelligent manufacturing will be the main direction of made in China in the future. Driven by this, a large number of domestic manufacturing companies will actively explore transformation and upgrading, bringing new investment opportunities to a shares

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