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The made in China 2025 plan is about to be submitted to the State Council. Yesterday, Li Yizhong, deputy director of the finance and Economic Commission of the CPPCC National Committee, revealed during the group discussion of the CPPCC: at present, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Chinese Academy of engineering are formulating the made in China 2025 plan, which will soon be compared with foreign products to be submitted to the State Council

it is reported that the plan proposes that China should basically realize industrialization by 2020, which is the first Centennial goal; Only by 20 can 90% of the qualified products be guaranteed to achieve the second Centennial goal in 50 years and become one of the world's leading industrial powers. Therefore, industry bears the heavy responsibility of two hundred year goals

previously, some industry experts said that the "made in China 2025" plan mainly made a long-term strategic plan in the fields of technology, industry, products, management, manufacturing service, core software and hardware in combination with the trends of the integration of the two modernizations of China's manufacturing industry, industrial interconnection, industry 4.0 and so on. The key implementation areas are the new generation of information technology industry, biomedicine and biological manufacturing industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, new energy industry, etc

Li Yizhong also said in his speech that China's GDP growth is expected to be about 7% in 2015. The downward pressure on the economy this year is great, but there are still many measures. The key is innovation driven. It involves innovation in science and technology, products, management, industrial organization, business model, etc. Through innovation, the manufacturing industry is intellectualized and digitalized, so as to improve the efficiency and efficiency of production tools. Through innovation, including machine replacement, labor productivity can be improved

manufacturing service is an important orientation of industrial transformation and upgrading. Li Yizhong said that the industry extends downstream and can engage in social services, various value-added services, professional services, life-cycle services, etc., while the manufacturing industry expands upstream, including research ⑦. The experimental data of the safety belt tension tester can be printed and distributed again before pressing the reset key, industrial design, environmental protection, energy-saving services, etc. In the process of transformation and upgrading, large and medium-sized backbone enterprises can promote the internal service industry to the society and become a social service platform through reorganization and separation and main business restructuring

he said that the service-oriented manufacturing industry can not only increase the added value of industrial enterprises and realize the important task of transformation and upgrading, but also derive and expand the productive service industry, which is an important way for the development of the service industry

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