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[good news] Chimei technology won another honor: the most popular diesel engine oil of the year

[good news] Chimei technology won another honor: the most popular diesel engine oil of the year

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lubtop2018 general evaluation list Shanghai award ceremony


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Chimei Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

won another honor

"The most popular diesel engine oil award of the year"

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today, at this moment, Chi Meili is cheering! "Lubtop2018 annual general evaluation list of China's lubricating oil industry, China's lubricating oil industry summit forum and automotive aftermarket excellence selection" was grandly unveiled, and the diesel engine oil series products of Chimei Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. won the "annual most popular diesel engine oil Award" again! Chi Mei's representative holds a medal and is very happy

the most growing lubricant brand in 2014

the annual Gold Award for energy conservation and environmental protection in 2015

2016 annual award for the most craftsman spirit

2017 annual award for the most popular user gearbox oil

2018 annual award for the most popular user diesel engine oil

we will be better in 2019

Chi Mei, on the way forward, we never stop

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"lubtop general evaluation list" selection activity began in 2013, and now it is the sixth. With first-class selection principles, first-class expert tutors, first-class media platforms, first-class guidance units, first-class conference resources and first-class award-winning brands, it has become a very large-scale and influential national selection activity in the lubricant industry. It is recognized by the industry that it is led by international giants The "Oscar of the year" in the lubricant and automotive aftermarket industry, in which well-known Chinese independent brands jointly participate and realize cross-border integration, is the commitment of well-known lubricant brands to consumers for quality and value, and the authoritative endorsement of brand quality and industry status

Chimei Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is located in Binhai New Area, the hinterland of Tianjin Economic Development Zone. Nanjiang port in Binhai New Area is the largest petrochemical port and oil storage base in China. It has attracted the settlement and development of many internationally renowned lubricant enterprises, including the world's top 500 enterprises, such as shell, Mobil, and Chuguang of Japan. It is an international high-end lubricant industry base and has formed a perfect international high-end lubricant industry chain. "Chi Mei" takes advantage of the geographical advantages, R & D advantages, supply chain internationalization and other advantages of the unique lubricant industry of Nanjiang port in Binhai New Area; It mainly produces and sells high-grade automotive lubricants, greases, industrial lubricants, etc

Chimei Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production and sales. The company covers a total area of about 30 mu, including a construction area of 25000 square meters; The tank farm covers an area of 4500 square meters; Base oil reserves 4000 tons; Additive storage capacity 400 tons; The annual production capacity is 60000 tons. "Chi Mei" has a first-class product research and development team and an international standard laboratory, which can accurately complete the routine experimental analysis, simulation and bench test of a full set of lubricants and greases, and comprehensively ensure the international leading quality of lubricants. It has passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification, and strictly implements the European ACEA standard, the American API standard, and the American Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-quality development group with strong technical strength, SAE standard, Japanese Jaso standard, and Chinese national standard

Chi Mei lubricating oil is refined from 100% imported base oil with high viscosity index and world-class additives. It can provide lasting and comprehensive protection for the engine, significantly extend the service life of the engine, and save fuel by 9% per hundred kilometers; The excellent product quality has been rated as "scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprise" and "national high-tech enterprise" by the state. At the same time, the theme of her speech by the Chinese lubricant industry was "the annual general evaluation list of optical fiber coating system designed to enhance the dynamic fatigue parameters of optical fibers", and she was rated as "the most growing lubricant brand in 2014", "the lubricant brand with the Gold Award for energy conservation and environmental protection in 2015", "the most craftsman Spirit Award in 2016", "the most popular gearbox oil award in 2017"; It was also rated as "China's top 100 lubricant enterprises" by lubricant business information; As well as being rated as "China's famous trademark" and "top ten brands of national product quality notarization" by (CQGC)

"Chi Mei" lubricating oil advocates "just seize the day, and lubrication is more energy-saving!" The concept of lubrication can reduce the maintenance and repair costs of vehicles for consumers and make their lives better. "Chi Mei" will strive to become a vehicle maintenance expert trusted by car owners; Looking forward to a better tomorrow of "saving fuel, choosing Chi Mei"

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