The hottest Mactac printing media will adopt ICC C

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Mactac printing media will adopt ICC Color Management System

[China paint information, according to paint and ink report] the pressure-sensitive adhesive supplier Mactac's logo and label business (graphic products) has recently reached a cooperation agreement with tunedcolor color company. The two sides will adopt a common color management system and ICC profile to provide customers in Central Europe with standard color printing services of the international color Alliance (ICC). Color management system and ICC profile are important standards for printer equipment to ensure optimal printing quality and minimum consumption. Marc Nelson, an OEM expert in Mactac logo and label business, said that the ICC profile determines the corresponding relationship between the color description method of the fixed equipment and the standard color space, including the printer model, ink formula, RIP software and output equipment standards, which are optimized under the ICC profile to ensure the best printing effect and best effect

with the opening of Mactac's new office in Belgium, tunedcolor and Mactac will be able to provide customers in the region with high-quality color solutions to synchronize their products in Central Europe and the United States. In addition, macscreen vinyl plastic and permacolor printing/printing media, newly developed by Mactac in the printing field, will also appear in front of users in Europe who plan to invest in production lines covering ncm111, 523, 622 and 811 systems

icc (International Color Consortium) was established in 1993. It is committed to creating an open, universal, cross platform and standard color management system. The application of this standard color management system can make the products of various countries coordinate with each other in various fields

icc profile is the core of the standard color management system, which is called color characteristic file. The oil output of the return pipe of ICC Pro oil delivery valve is discontinuous or fluctuating. In short, file is a file describing the color characteristics of a certain color device, which represents the corresponding relationship between the color description method of this specific device and the standard color space. There are seven types of ICC profiles, namely input, output, display, drive connection, color space conversion, spot color and absolute profile

mactac is a leading global supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesive products. In 1940, the founder Burt Morgan began the production of medical and masking tapes. Today, Mactac has manufacturing and distribution sales departments worldwide, including in the United States, Belgium, Canada, Mexico and Singapore. Bemis, the head office of Mactac, with annual sales of 3.5 billion US dollars, is recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of flexible packaging materials in the world

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