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The "made in China 2025" roadmap points out the development direction of intelligent instruments

following the official release of the "made in China 2025 key areas technology roadmap (2015 version)" by the national manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee in Beijing on September 29, 2015, the electronic version of the roadmap has been released free of charge. From the "roadmap", we can see that a number of instrument products require technological breakthroughs, just like a "instrument manufacturing 2025" roadmap

the roadmap selects 10 advantageous and strategic industries as breakthrough points, including the new generation of information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, advanced rail transit equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, electric power equipment, agricultural equipment, new materials, biomedicine and high-performance medical devices

what is worthy of our attention in the instrument industry is the new generation of information technology industry. It proposes to focus on the development of integrated circuits and special equipment, information communication equipment, operating systems and industrial software, and intelligent manufacturing core information equipment

integrated circuit is still a defect in the development of intelligent instruments in China at present, and all products adopt imported chips. The roadmap proposes to accelerate the development of integrated circuit manufacturing industry, improve the development level of advanced packaging and testing industry, and break through the key equipment and materials of integrated circuits. The target requires that by 2020, the gap between the integrated circuit industry and the international advanced level will be gradually narrowed, the average annual growth rate of sales revenue of the whole industry will exceed 20%, and the sustainable development ability of enterprises will be greatly enhanced. The integrated circuit design technology in key fields such as mobile intelligent terminals, network communications, cloud computing, IOT, big data has reached the international leading level, and the industrial ecosystem has initially taken shape. The 16/14nm manufacturing process has achieved mass production on a large scale, the packaging and testing technology has reached the international leading level, the key equipment and materials have entered the international procurement system, and a technologically advanced, safe and reliable integrated circuit industry system has been basically established. By 2030, the main links of the integrated circuit industry chain will reach the international advanced level, and a number of enterprises will enter the first tier in the world to achieve leapfrog development. To this end, the state will gradually expand the scale of the national integrated circuit industry investment fund or establish phase II and phase III funds according to the needs of industrial development; Strengthen the coordination of existing policies and resources, such as integrated circuit research and development projects, national major science and technology projects supporting common technology research and development, and the national integrated circuit industry investment fund supporting industrialization development. These resources should strengthen coordination and form a joint force; Strengthen the training and introduction of human resources, and strengthen the support of microelectronics discipline construction; Formulate policies for technology introduction, digestion and absorption and give support; Establish a linkage mechanism for intellectual property protection

in information and communication equipment, it is clearly pointed out that the key products to be developed are 5g key technology comprehensive verification platform, 5g mobile communication system equipment (including 5g base station, 5g core equipment, 5g industry specialty, etc.), 5g mobile communication instruments (including 5g terminal comprehensive tester, 5g protocol consistency tester, etc.), 5g mobile terminals (including 5g consumer terminals, 5g industry terminals, M2M terminals, etc.) 5g key chips (including 5g baseband chips, 5g radio frequency (RF) chips, 5g system on chip (SOC) chips, etc.) and 5g key devices (such as 5g high-frequency communication devices), etc. At present, Agilent electronic measurement is the leader in the field of 5g mobile communication instruments and meters in the world. China Datang Lianyi has also emerged in recent years in cooperation with Agilent

operating system and industrial software require the development of real-time industrial operating system and high-end manufacturing embedded system. Basic industrial software represented by industrial big data platform and manufacturing core software is oriented to advanced rail transit equipment, power equipment, agricultural equipment, high cooling and mining 2-yuan refrigeration system, CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment Due to the existence of these problems, China's plastic machinery industry cannot meet the level of foreign plastic machinery software as soon as possible. The goal is to break through some key core technologies by 2020, basically form China's industrial software technology standards and ecosystem, and the medium and low-end market share will exceed 30%. Among them, it is proposed to focus on the development of digital products and intelligent equipment, embedded data management platform and real-time data intelligent processing system, smart industrial cloud and manufacturing core software, which is also one of the important development directions of China's instrument enterprises at present. Many enterprises have made corresponding achievements, such as developing water management systems

the core information equipment of intelligent manufacturing requires to focus on the development of intelligent manufacturing basic communication equipment, intelligent manufacturing control system, new industrial sensors, manufacturing IOT equipment, instrumentation and testing equipment, and manufacturing information security products. The above-mentioned products are the fields that have not yet achieved localization in the current instrument industry. Among them, intelligent manufacturing control system requires to develop and support distributed control system (DCS), programmable control system (PLC), industrial computer system (PAC), embedded control system and data acquisition and monitoring control system (SCADA) with fieldbus communication function, so as to improve the ability and level of independent, safe and controllable intelligent manufacturing. New industrial sensors require the development of low-power, high-precision, high-reliable intelligent photoelectric sensors, intelligent proximity sensors, high-resolution vision sensors, high-precision flow sensors, automotive inertial navigation sensors (INS), automotive domain controllers and other new industrial sensors with data storage and processing, automatic compensation, and communication functions, as well as high-precision detectors for analytical instruments, Meet the needs of ubiquitous information collection in typical industries and fields. Instrumentation and testing equipment require the development of component analyzers, nondestructive testing devices, high-precision three-dimensional digital ultrasonic flaw detectors, and high-precision non-contact geometric precision testing equipment

in addition to the new generation of information technology industry, in the field of high-end CNC machine tools and robots, it is also proposed to focus on the development of joint position, torque, vision, touch, photosensitivity, high-frequency measurement, laser displacement and other sensors to meet the application needs of the domestic robot industry

in the field of aerospace equipment, it is proposed to focus on the development of aerospace sensors to improve the monitoring accuracy and reliability of oil, gas, temperature, pressure and other aerospace sensors; Research and develop sensors based on new sensitive materials, new packaging materials, new conductive materials and other new materials

in the field of marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, it is proposed to focus on the development and development of key equipment and systems such as marine detection sensors, onboard marine observation instruments, marine buoys, marine submarines, underwater communication equipment, marine environment database, marine target radar echo database, and realize the mechanized application of engineering pellet pressure experiment

in the field of advanced rail transit equipment, it is proposed to independently develop the network control system suitable for Chinese standard high-speed EMUs and intercity high-speed EMUs, as well as the standardized, standardized and serialized Ethernet system hardware and software flat fixture replacement platform for modern trams

the field of energy saving and new energy vehicles requires that the domestic market share of key sensors made in China for electronic control systems reach 80%

the field of power equipment requires the development of intelligent substation monitoring system to realize the intelligent sharing of information in the whole station. The key technologies are sensor technology, control technology, monitoring technology and application technology of integrated diagnosis expert system

the field of agricultural equipment requires the development of special sensors for agricultural machinery, and measurement and control sensors for operation depth, walking speed and operation quality of fertilizer and seeding machinery. Measurement and control sensors for forward speed, spraying volume, pressure, spraying area, etc. of plant protection machinery. Measurement and control sensors for the feeding amount of harvester, cleaning and entrainment loss, header height, drum speed, yield flow and grain moisture

the field of new materials requires the development of high-performance new materials such as special alloys for high-end equipment, high-performance separation membrane materials, high-performance fibers and their composites, new energy materials, electronic ceramics and intraocular lenses, biomedical materials, rare earth functional materials, advanced semiconductor materials, new display materials and so on

the field of biomedicine and high-performance medical devices requires the development of high-performance medical devices, including 3T and above superconducting magnetic resonance system (MRI), open superconducting system, 128 row X-ray computed tomography (CT), etc

it can be seen from the road map that among the ten key areas circled, the top eight areas have made clear requirements for instrument product technology to develop intelligent instruments. The field of new materials will also improve the development foundation for instrument products. It can be said that "made in China 2025" is also "instrument manufacturing 2025". The instrument industry should seize the opportunity, under the guidance of the state and the support of policies, move towards the development direction of intelligent instruments, and gradually move from the medium and low-end market to the high-end market

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