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a delightful fashion show

Japanese pop music guru Takeshi Hamasaki once created the most meaningful Hamasaki trilogy of pop music alone, in which the title of one song is "vogue", which means "fashion" in Chinese. The general meaning of that song is to treat all pop cultures around with a heart of acceptance, dialectics and recognition. If you are a fan of Hamasaki Bu, you will find a more accurate answer in her other song "duty", the Chinese name "duty". Of course, this is an aside

The fashion of online games comes from the integration with reality. Making online games more humanized, more life-oriented and more suitable for the public is the essence of online game fashion. However, the game itself does not have the essence of creating popular culture, so where does it come from to achieve this goal and promote the game in the form of packaging, Hejin Mayor Zhao Jianxi? Game manufacturers choose spokesmen, and choose personalized celebrities to act as spokesmen for the game

if you think that two years ago, the stand-alone game "Jianling" used young girls as the image spokesperson, then compared with the colorful spokesmen of many online games today, the beautiful girls' team at that time can only be regarded as pediatrics. It seems that only using the characters in the game as a means of packaging and publicity can no longer meet the needs of the market. Celebrity effect has never lacked supporters, not to mention those favorite children who stand at the forefront of pop culture. Although the strength of the game company is not big enough to invite super popular combinations such as F4 and Jay Chou or super first-class stars as image spokesmen, the game company's eyes are all turned to female stars. In the history of Chinese games, almost all games are played by female stars as image spokesmen, which also makes the online games that have already played a lot of beautiful packaging cards more pleasing to the eye. Even some female players have begun to pay abnormal attention to such image spokesmen

I believe many players didn't expect that the endorsement of Chinese online games is not just because of online games. The image endorsement in the stand-alone era has laid a solid foundation for the image endorsement of later online games. The representative of China's first generation of game spokesmen should be Tianxin. The former host of Hong Kong Phoenix TV's "video game Grand View Garden" was unexpectedly selected as the image spokesperson of "convenience store". Game production companies won countless eyeballs for such an initiative at that time, and the sales of games were several times higher than expected. Then Tianxin endorsed "convenience store 2" and a series of expansion films. China's game endorsement has also kicked off. Many subsequent games, including "mock City 3000", "pure love letters", "twin story", and many other well-known games have invited their own spokespersons. During the launch of the game, popular stars such as Xu Huaiyu, Lin Xiaopei and even fan Xiaoxuan have become image ambassadors of the game over the years

in 2001, Zhou Xun was the most sensational image spokesman in China. Her election as the image spokesperson of "Jin Yong heroes online" is indeed a big surprise to the players. When players see the figure of this beautiful girl who became popular with "human April day" everywhere Jin goes (the external comments are roughly the same, although I am not at all interested in her), they can only gradually accept it while wondering. Because first, there is no denying that Zhou Xun is really beautiful enough, so that people can indulge themselves to accept her in any situation. Second, her pure image is indeed in line with the image of little dragon girl dressed up by her to a large extent, which also gives players a reliance for the attachment of the characters in the novel. Although I personally feel that Li ruotong is more suitable to play this role in TV dramas that will not only wear and scratch the surface of some parts

relatively speaking, foreign game image endorsements have developed more rapidly than domestic ones, and the speed of internationalization is faster. At the beginning of the year, there was news that Gigi Leung spoke for Korean network game paradise, and the American spokesperson of this game was determined to be Britney Spears, which has fascinated countless men in the past two years. It's just that when you see these two sexy beauties standing in front of you with wings playing angels, you will feel more alien than you think. This year, I'm afraid it should be Wang Yixin, the Taiwan image spokesperson of micorsoft's classic "Dungeon Siege". The game spokesperson, who was elected by voting in Taiwan, made people feel like that after dressing up as the plmm in the game. In addition to her strong sense and some gap with the game characters, it's really like that. The most popular endorser recently is Xu ruoxuan, who spoke for "chaos and adventure". I believe players have seen the image of plmm playing the game character in military uniform on many occasions. In my opinion, she is indeed the most outstanding female star in the image endorsement at present. At least she looks more comfortable than Zhou Xun

with more and more measures of packaging image spokesmen, in order to add new ideas, many online games have moved away from pop singers or movie and TV stars and began to look for new goals. The champion of the "Tianjiao - Qin Shang world" activity mentioned before is actually the player image spokesperson of the game. Although it is not new to use players as spokesmen, it is indeed rare in many online games, but at present, many online game manufacturers have begun to make ideas on college students. Some beautiful girls who play games have entered the door of image endorsement under the temptation of the manufacturers. However, the image endorsements selected from students are not professional after all. The idea of looking for image endorsements has become more and more open in the competition among manufacturers, and the figure of fashion models has also begun to appear on the stage of image endorsements of online games. Louis, the winner of the fifth Xinsilu caused sheet metal corrosion model competition, was also recently selected by the game orange to act as another image spokesperson for chaos adventure. However, unlike Xu ruoxuan, the former spokesperson, Louis is indeed a female star who knows about online games very well. Does it mean that the current image spokesperson must also ask to know the products he endorses

Cosplay is another fashion package that opposes stars as spokesmen. Game culture activities originated from Japan have now sprung up all over the world. There are more and more professional Cosplay teams in China, and they have also become a major choice for game manufacturers to promote online games. At present, COSPLAY is usually used to entertain the first ceremony of the game. The story script written according to the game characters is one of the main contents of cosplay performance at present. Some students of the Academy of drama and performance even began to take Cosplay as their future development direction

the emergence of professional Cosplay team also provides a convenient way for manufacturers to pack online games. Although the level of cosplay team in China is not high at present, as a new game packaging method, it is more easily accepted by players and the public. This seems to be some activities similar to human body painting, which adds a lot of excitement to online games

unfortunately, COSPLAY in China is only in the stage of promoting the packaging of online games, and it has not yet become an important part of online game culture. Compared with foreign cosplay, the lack of specialization and relatively weak quality are the causes of the disease. Therefore, even if our game can appear on E3, we can't pack the game with our own cosplay. How to better use Cosplay to package games and promote games, domestic manufacturers may refer to the classic Cosplay works that appear at the three major exhibitions held in Japan, the United States and Europe every year

games are people-oriented, and online games use real people as image spokesmen. In terms of affinity, image spokesmen have incomparable advantages over other packaging. Making the image endorsement more close to the public is also the driving force for network games to have close contact with more people. Whether it is a celebrity endorsement or Cosplay performance, its proper combination with popular culture will inject a powerful new blood into online games

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