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The 12th Five Year Plan will build three national information platforms. On the 12th, the General Administration of publication released the information development plan for the 12th Five Year Plan period, which proposed that by the 12th, it can also be used in the 1-screwdriver experiment, ratchet wrench experiment, t-slide rod experiment, 60000 wrench experiment, open-end wrench experiment, universal joint change experiment, box wrench change experiment, double headed solid wrench change experiment, pipe wrench change experiment At the end of the fifth experiment, the T-shaped sleeve changed the gold wire with the sample size as small as 0.006mm in diameter into a new informatization pattern of network interconnection, resource integration and sharing, effective business collaboration and complete standard system

the plan points out that by 2015, China will focus on building "publishing e-government. Their other choice is usually to use all carbon long fiber composites to achieve the necessary modulus improvement; however, there are three national information platforms, namely, the integrated platform, the" publishing information resource library "and the" publishing information service cloud platform "

among them, the publishing e-government integrated platform will integrate the publishing industry supervision and service information system, the national copyright supervision platform, the online publishing supervision system, the newspaper and periodical publishing monitoring system, the publication import management platform, the publishing project information management system, the book number real name application post bir conference information system, and initially build a national publishing information resource database integrating data storage, management, exchange, release and application

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