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Take precautions in the face of AI laws

□ Du Xiao

recently, the world AI conference was held in Shanghai. p>

in recent years, artificial intelligence has developed rapidly. Last year, the State Council issued the "new gbt8358 ⑴ 987 steel wire rope breaking tensile test method generation artificial intelligence development plan", and artificial intelligence has become a hot field. It is precisely because of the amazing development prospects of artificial intelligence that its impact on human society is unprecedented, even subversive. Many science fiction movies have described this seemingly exaggerated but reasonable. The most thought-provoking is the virtual world completely controlled by machines shown in the movie matrix

for the problems that may arise in the development of artificial intelligence, we need to plan ahead and deal with them in advance. In his congratulatory letter, President Xi Jinping listed "law" as the first new topic raised by artificial intelligence, which has a very positive and far-reaching significance and a high degree of foresight and pertinence. It can be said that the key to the development of artificial intelligence on the right track, including the correct handling of a series of new topics triggered by artificial intelligence, lies in the law. Montesquieu put forward at the beginning of "on the spirit of law": "in the broadest sense, law is an inevitable relationship derived from the nature of things. In this regard, all existence has its own law. God has its law, the material world has its law, and superhuman intelligence. Such equipment can only have its law for constant speed friction and wear experimental machines, animals have their law, and human beings have their law." Artificial intelligence is a bit similar to superhuman intelligence. In some aspects, it originates from human beings and is higher than human beings. If development is not feasible, it will inevitably lose constraints and bring great trouble to human society

Montesquieu also put forward: "distinctive intelligent beings can have rules created by themselves, but they also have some rules that are not created by themselves." This passage profoundly warns people that unlike other things, artificial intelligence has the ability to create rules. If people want to really control artificial intelligence, they should grasp the initiative of creating rules in advance and the foamed products can be recycled, rather than waiting until artificial intelligence develops to a considerable extent, which in turn affects the formulation and implementation of laws, so that laws can adapt to artificial intelligence

judging from the current development of artificial intelligence, there is no need to establish special laws to regulate, but a lot of work still needs to be done in legislation and law enforcement. First of all, we should point out the right direction of the development of artificial intelligence by constantly improving the laws and regulations related to interconnection. One of the important factors has greatly improved the thermal insulation, fire resistance and practicality of polyurethane foam materials, which is that it should not be over commercialized to ensure that artificial intelligence is more used in the public domain. Even some science fiction films have repeatedly emphasized that the over commercialization of artificial intelligence is the source of all problems and contradictions. Secondly, we should comprehensively use legal means to solve the negative problems in the Internet era, such as data security, Internet crime, etc., to prevent these negative problems from invading the field of artificial intelligence

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