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Liang Wengen of Sany group in the eyes of the storm is "stable"

Liang Wengen of Sany group in the eyes of the storm is "stable"

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Guide: in 2011, Liang Wengen was rated as China's richest man, and in 2012, he was ranked as China's richest man. The Sany group he founded has an annual sales of 80billion yuan and a total staff of 60000 people. It is the first construction machinery manufacturer in China and the sixth in the world. The scenery is infinite. In 2012, the market situation suddenly changed, and the industry

in 2011, Liang Wengen was rated as "China's richest man", and in 2012, he was ranked as "China's richest man" for a second time. The Sany group he founded has an annual sales of 80billion yuan and a total staff of 60000 people. It is the first construction machinery manufacturer in China and the sixth in the world. The scenery is infinite

in 2012, the market situation changed suddenly, and the growth rate of the industry slowed down. Liang Wengen faced not only the good news of Sany's acquisition of Putzmeister, the world's No. 1 brand of concrete machinery, but also practical problems such as "layoffs", "excessive accounts receivable", "suspension of IPO in Hong Kong again"

however, Liang Wengen was calm and said to him, "there is absolutely no layoff of 30%. Let alone layoffs, the existing number of employees cannot meet the current situation of the company's rapid development. After the completion of the new plant, the company will have a talent gap of at least 6000 people." He stressed that the current difficulties in the development of the industry will not affect Sany's future. Today, we will continue to update the development strategy of experimental machine knowledge articles. The company is gradually changing its business model and striving to deliver a bright performance to investors in two years. He introduced that the acquisition of Putzmeister and intermex GmbH, the third largest concrete mixer and special mixing equipment manufacturer in Europe, and the extension of Putzmeister's industrial chain will be an important step for Sany to explore the international market

fire fighting "layoff gate"

since the media broke out the "layoff incident" of Sany Heavy Industry in July and attracted social attention, Liang Wengen has been paying attention to the development of the situation

"the fuse of this' layoff 'storm is the front-line training that Sany will carry out for some R & D engineers." Liang Wengen said that training is the tradition of Sany. For each employee, Sany Heavy equipment has formulated a detailed training plan. Employees who have just joined the company will receive a six-month induction training, including corporate culture, industry knowledge and workshop practice. In fact, the controversial workshop practice has been included in the staff training system of Sany group since 2007 in the current fatigue performance testing fields of quality inspection, scientific research, universities, construction, highways, railways, bridges, automobiles, machinery, nuclear power, water conservancy, ports, tunnels, coal and other industries, which belongs to the traditional training project

Liang Wengen frankly said that about this training, the company's good intentions were misunderstood by employees because they did not explain clearly the personnel selection first, then the training form and the arrangement after the training, which was the biggest mistake in their work

"this layoff storm, because some relevant personnel of the business division did not communicate with the employees in advance during their work, and the work was not done in detail, resulting in great opinions from the employees. Such a storm is a serious dereliction of duty, and the company has given administrative demotion to the relevant person in charge." Liang Wengen said that according to the new training plan, the training time was changed from 6 months to 2 months. In the future, the enterprise training of Sany Heavy equipment will continue to be adhered to, but more attention will be paid to the prior communication and exchange

the "layoff" storm will not affect the company's talent strategy. Talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development. After training, the material can meet the needs of a number of living cell 3D printing at the same time: fast and continue to adhere. " He said that what makes Sany different is that Sany has culture before enterprises, and ideals before products. It is precisely because the founder of Sany had long cherished the idea of "creating a first-class enterprise, cultivating first-class talents and making first-class contributions", that the company spent a lot of money on talent training, which is to cultivate first-class talents and cultivate the strong competitiveness of the enterprise, so as to break through many difficulties and forge a private enterprise full of vitality and vitality

"without the success of employees, there can be no success of enterprises. Training is to help employees succeed." Liang Wengen said. If you build the Great Wall, talent is the cornerstone; If you build a building, talents are the pillars; Talents are the guarantee of success if enterprises are established. If you want to make the enterprise bigger, you must attach importance to talents. No matter what career you do, talents are the guarantee of success. Therefore, the company will not be affected by the "layoff" storm in terms of talent training. At present, the company is building a marine heavy industry park in Zhuhai, and will need more excellent talents to enter the field of marine engineering equipment

In January this year, Sany Heavy Industry spent 360million euros to acquire German construction machinery giant Putzmeister (commonly known as "elephant") in 33 days to build a new concrete machinery manufacturing giant in the world. How can an enterprise once rooted in China control international brands

Founded in 1958, Putzmeister, known as the "elephant", was once the first brand of concrete machinery in the world, with a global sales network, and the sales volume of concrete pumps has always been the first in the world

Liang Wengen said, "my biggest dream is to catch up with or surpass Putzmeister, which has always been our benchmark. After the economic crisis in 2008, it went down, and we are going up."

compared with Putzmeister, Sany Heavy Industry, which only set foot in the field of concrete machinery in 1994, is a rising star. If a Chinese private enterprise wants to operate an old German enterprise, what will Liang Wengen do

Liang Wengen's answer was shocking. He sent only three people in order to retain Putzmeister's autonomy to the greatest extent

Liang Wengen told me, "after the acquisition, we sent three people, one was a liaison officer, who was responsible for contacting him with some of our daily affairs of Sany; the other was a financial officer; the other was a cultural officer, who was responsible for some cultural communication between the enterprise and sany."

with this acquisition, Sany Heavy Industry has harvested "elephants" distributed in the markets of more than 110 countries and regions around the world, which is exactly what Sany lacks when it embarks on the international competition stage. This acquisition has shortened the internationalization process of Sany by 5 to 10 years

for the experience of this acquisition, Liang Wengen told: "I don't look at the balance sheet of this enterprise. The balance sheet is very important, but not the most important. The most important thing is whether the strategy of my acquisition object is consistent, just like looking for friends between men and women, the most important thing is whether they agree with each other, that is, whether this strategy is complementary."

Liang Wengen also has a dream, that is, when Sany achieves the goal of sales revenue of 300billion yuan and achieves the first pair in the world of construction machinery. Liang Wengen said, "at that time, I will return to my hometown of Maotang, Lianyuan to go fishing and provide for the elderly."

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