Factors and treatment of lining plate fracture of

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The elements and treatment of jaw crusher lining plate fracture

1. Although the deformation of the moving jaw at this time is rapid, the forging process is not qualified at the time of production, and there are many defects such as pores on the moving jaw, so after using for a period of time, there will be defects such as fracture and fracture

2. When the jaw crusher enters the non cracking material, the impact pressure of the equipment increases, and the elbow plate does not carry forward the function of self breaking maintenance, but the strong impulse transmission can remove the extensional meter "to the movable jaw

3. The movable jaw had displacement transformation during operation, and the bottom of the movable jaw collided with the frame guard and other components, resulting in the fracture of the movable jaw

4. The pull rod spring is ineffective, and the dynamic jaw pressure increases

5. The spacing between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw determines the size of the ore outlet. When the size of the ore outlet is unreasonable, it will also constitute the fracture defect of the movable jaw

6. The unreasonable feeding method increases the impact pressure on the moving jaw in the mechanical testing of all materials by Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd

after the lining plate of jaw crusher is broken, the equipment cannot operate normally. What should be done

1. Change the movable jaw with qualified quality

2. Those who change the movable jaw also need to change new elbow plates, especially the elbow pad parts in the European market

3. After changing the movable jaw, adjust the position and connection of the eccentric shaft, bearing, tightening bushing and movable jaw

4. Replace the new pull rod spring and adjust the tension of the pull rod spring. Adjust the size of the ore outlet

5. In the task of jaw crusher, ensure that the feeding is continuous, average and stable, and reduce the impact of self gravity on the moving jaw due to the free falling of materials through feeding struggle

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