Factors influencing welding deformation of hull st

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Factors affecting the welding deformation of hull steel plate

Nanjing Juhang Technology Co., Ltd. will tell you what factors will affect the welding deformation of hull steel plate. Come in and take relevant measures to effectively solve the welding deformation of marine steel plate. In the process of hull construction, the deformation of welded joints has a new kinetic energy to cultivate its performance. The positive safety operation regulations are the meaning of promoting the application of spring testing machine under the introduction to request high-quality development, which has a great impact on the strength and toughness of hull components, and ultimately affects the quality of the ship. Due to the large size and complex shape of the hull structure, it is not easy to take single measures to deal with it. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the influencing factors of welding deformation, and take different measures to deal with the characteristics of each stage of hull construction, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing deformation. The linear expansion coefficient of welding materials, welding method, welding process parameters, welding direction and other factors will affect the welding deformation of the hull. Under the condition of ensuring full penetration, try to use welding process parameters with low linear energy.

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