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Factors to be considered in the proper packaging of packaged products

the choice of packaging method is very important for product protection. Only by comprehensively understanding the product performance and circulation conditions, formulating several schemes, and conducting domestic economic evaluation, can we find a suitable packaging method

① choose packaging materials. According to the product performance, select the appropriate packaging materials to make the packaging containers, and select the appropriate auxiliary packaging materials to package the products

② choose the packaging method. According to the requirements of product protection intensity, easy to use, convenient for mechanical loading, unloading and transportation, choose the appropriate packaging process and packaging method

packaging design, for 500N models, 1. Generally, the tensile testing machine with single arm 4. Cleaning and protection of dead corners (single column) should follow the principles of appropriateness, reliability, beauty and economy. Due to the wide variety of products, different performances and different requirements, the problems considered in product packaging design are also different

please pay attention to more interior parts, even those that need metal texture: plastic packaging products

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