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Factors to consider in choosing powder packaging machine


for a long time, due to poor packaging, many goods in China have formed the phenomenon of "first-class quality, second-class packaging and third-class price" in the international market, and the country has lost tens of billions of yuan every year, We have to spend a huge amount of foreign exchange to import some fully automatic packaging machines that "use Alibaba's big data analysis capabilities" from abroad, while the key technical indicators of domestic packaging machines are too low "accuracy", too high bag breaking rate, and insufficient reliability. Some users put them on the shelf after buying them, which has brought considerable economic losses to users. In order to change the backward situation of commodity packaging in China, following the "investigation on the current situation of food industry and food packaging machinery in Beijing" commissioned by the Commission in the 1980s, participating in the "investigation on the packaging machinery industry of the Commission", and the preparatory work for the "84 Qingdao National packaging machinery information seminar", and investigating the current situation of the production and use of powder packaging machinery in the country, he visited five provinces in East China in the early 1990s Dozens of users in ten cities further made a fruitful market survey on the current situation of China's powder packaging machinery and concluded that the market is broad, users are urgent, and manufacturers are in urgent need of a powder packaging machine with "the accuracy of imported machines and the price of domestic machines". Since 1987, after nearly ten years of continuous efforts to improve and develop, sometimes in order to reduce the weight, we also adopt the patented products of non-ferrous metals and special metals such as aluminum alloys, which are imported and replaced - BFB, ZFB series first to fifth generation powder packaging machines

at the end of 1995, the State Bureau of Technical Supervision issued Order No. 43 - "provisions on metrological supervision of quantitatively packed commodities", which was implemented on New Year's day, 1996

in order to promote food processing and animal health products production enterprises to achieve high precision and automation of small bag packaging, improve enterprise labor productivity, product added value and economic benefits, enhance market competitiveness, meet the needs of consumers for convenient life, sanitation, variety diversification, and reduce the deterioration loss of large packages after unpacking, Beijing Tongzhou new technology consulting and Development Institute has made technological breakthroughs in recent ten years, The latest generation of zfb-x50 fully automatic powder packaging machine suitable for China's national conditions has been developed, which has reached the domestic leading level in terms of high measurement accuracy and low bag breaking rate. It has achieved good results in solving the development and application of complex new technologies such as powder packaging, automatic material level control, anti-static devices, etc. this technical equipment has obtained patents and passed the national appraisal of system testing status, And included in the Beijing torch promotion plan. In order to further promote powder packaging technology, China Food Industry Association, China food and packaging machinery industry association and China Animal Health Products Association held a "96 Beijing powder packaging new technology and equipment application promotion meeting" in Beijing on August 13, 1996. In order to implement the order No. 43 of the State Bureau of Technical Supervision in 1995 and meet the needs of the above meeting, our institute will revise and supplement this special report published at the "Guilin academic annual meeting of the food and packaging machinery branch of the Chinese society of mechanical engineering". Please correct the deficiencies. 1、 Summary of the level of powder packaging machines at home and abroad today, powder packaging machines widely used in the country are divided into two categories:

1. This kind of machine, which represents the international level at the end of the 1960s, is the dosage cup metering, full-automatic small bag forming and packaging machine, which was widely introduced from Japan and Italy in the early 1980s, with a current price of about 30000 US dollars/set, The biggest disadvantage is that the measurement accuracy is not accurate (the error is positive, and the goal is to remove the surface damage caused by rough polishing and inoculation, which is negative 3% ~ plus or minus 15%). It is only suitable for particle bagging, and powder can not be wrapped. At present, there are more than ten manufacturers in China, such as Tianjin, Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Guilin, etc., whose sales price is 20 ~ 35000 yuan/set, and the annual output is about 4000 sets. It is suitable for small doses, low material prices Users with low accuracy requirements are quite suitable

2. It represents the new level at the end of the 1980s. It is a medium-sized bag forming powder (particle) packaging machine measured by screws. China has introduced Rovema company of West Germany, Bosch Company, Kawashima production Institute of Japan, Tokyo fur machinery production Institute, matter-burt company of the United States, autopack company of the United Kingdom, universal-pack company of Italy, etc., which are equipped with microprocessors for detection and regulation to ensure measurement, The accuracy is as high as plus or minus 1% ~ plus or minus 0.25%. At present, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places are surveyed and copied in China. In addition, weighing instrument factories all over the country have produced a variety of electronic scales with a price of about 10000 yuan/set, and the annual output is small. 2、 Order No. 43 of the State Bureau of Technical Supervision in 1995 - "provisions on the metrological supervision of quantitatively packed commodities"

in order to stop the illegal acts of using metrological means to deceive consumers, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and meet the needs of international trade, in line with international practices, the State Bureau of technical supervision, in accordance with the provisions of the Metrology Law of the people's Republic of China and its implementation rules, The first regulation on metrological supervision of quantitatively packed commodities in China was formulated and implemented in January 1996. With the development of China's economy, the quantity of quantitatively packaged food on the market is increasing, and the phenomenon of short weight is widespread. It is reported that in the markets of Lanzhou, Nanjing and other places, more than 60% of enterprises whose net content of commodities does not match the name. It is of great significance to guide producers and distributors of quantitatively packaged goods to strengthen their own management by formulating and implementing the standard, which marks that the measurement of quantitatively packaged goods in China has embarked on the legal track. 3、 Powder packaging machine

in 1983, in order to prepare for the national packaging and food machinery information seminar, it was found that there were few decent powder packaging machine manufacturers at that time. Until 1987, when the national outstanding scientific and Technological Entrepreneur won the Gold Award, Comrade Zhang daohuai, general manager of Cuizhu group of Guangzhou Military Region, hoped that I would build a powder packaging machine, He said, "I have dollars, and importing several packaging machines is not an economic problem, but there are so many Chinese farmers, and full-automatic is not necessarily suitable for the national conditions. I hope to build a semi-automatic powder packaging machine with the accuracy of imported machines and suitable for China's national conditions." from then on, I embarked on the arduous road of developing BFB and ZFB series powder packaging machines. After nearly ten years of research and practice, I have developed the first to fifth generation of patented products. 1. Working principle and accuracy of powder packaging machine 1) the powder packaging machine adopts screw volume measurement method, which is characterized by: (1) taking special motor as the main power source, adopting computer regulation and pulse circuit electromechanical integration design; (2) The purpose of the mixer for filling powder materials inside is to compact the volume of powder and granular materials, so as to ensure the consistency of the discharge of each revolution, so as to ensure the measurement accuracy; (3) Metering screw - according to different apparent specific gravity, particle size, viscosity, fluidity, water absorption, metering range and metering accuracy requirements, metering screws of different specifications are specially designed to meet the needs of various users. It requires accurate manufacturing, light weight, high surface finish, and ensuring the filling coefficient to ensure the metering accuracy; (4) Metering guide sleeve - design different gaps between screws and guide sleeves corresponding to different materials, so that the screws can extrude materials of the same weight every week of rotation, scrape off excess powder, so as to ensure the highest accuracy under normal operation conditions. 2) Accuracy guarantee (1) weight calculation formula measurement weight = apparent specific gravity of material x volume per revolution of screw x revolutions of screw (2) factors affecting measurement accuracy I. apparent specific gravity because powder and granular materials are compressible substances, there is no constant value, only apparent specific gravity, and its influencing factors are: a. particle size and uniformity of powder; b. The percentage change of each component in the mixture; c. Water absorption of powder; d. Filling compactness. 2. Filling volume a. the measuring volume is guaranteed by the process when manufacturing the screw. Once there is an error in the measuring accuracy, it can be grinded manually or the computer can be used for "weight fine-tuning" operation to realize small weight correction; b. Fluidity of powder; Powder can be divided into free flow and non free flow. We must attach great importance to non free flow, which often affects the filling volume due to poor feeding and filling (this has been solved in the design of non free flow special screw and special mixer); c. The height of the powder level in the cone hopper; This value should generally be greater than 2/3 of the total height of the cone hopper, and should not fluctuate too much up and down; d. Generally, the height of powder in the additional storage bin shall be consistent, and the height fluctuation shall not be greater than mm, which can be ensured by using the material level sensor to control the stop or rotation of the feeding machine. 3. The screw speed n is guaranteed by the special technology of the invention. Rotational speed error screw volume revolutions per revolution

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