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Talking about: how to make a perfect printing plate

only appropriate chemical solution is not enough. To achieve the most ideal printing effect, the only way is that the actual medium for transmitting text and image data, that is, the printing plate, must also be perfect. Although thermal plate imaging and post-processing are relatively straightforward and simple, they still need some professional knowledge and technology

for whatever purpose, even the most advanced computer direct plate making machine includes a small picture studio. Although the tedious process of developing film has been omitted, the imaging plate making still needs to be accurate, which means that the imaging time and energy must be accurate. It is also important to regularly check the developer solution and other development parameters. If there is a problem in a certain link, it may lead to striping on the printed matter. This stripe pattern is represented by spacing 5 mm thin lines or stripes will destroy the effect of the entire printed image

the production personnel should develop the habit of pre checking the prepress process including the settings of the plate making machine, so that valuable printing time will not be wasted when finding out the cause of the fault. Although the world's most advanced CTP equipment (such as Heidelberg Super Series) can continuously monitor and adjust the laser power, incorrect settings will inevitably lead to unpleasant results. Therefore, no matter what plate making equipment is used, the plate loading and unloading system should be checked regularly to understand the mechanical wear at any time. As for the printing plate, it should also be stored in a correct way to ensure that its sensitivity and imaging performance are intact

it goes without saying that chemical potions also play a key role in the development process. For example, the consumption and evaporation of liquid medicine must be balanced and stable to ensure that the developer does not show signs of fatigue. Not only that, people have to observe the consumption and oxidation of liquid medicine every day, In order to timely supplement the "why 5 elder brother will innovate the mode of 'partner' to fill the developer, otherwise, the development effect will gradually weaken. In some cases, the water on the developer squeeze roller will return to the development tank, which will also lead to adverse consequences. In order to prevent the developer from thinning, it is also necessary to check the setting of the developer squeeze roller and the water spray position of the water spray pipe. The staff can measure the pH value of the developer by measuring the pH value of the developer (suitable for photosensitive resin plates) the price of lithium hydroxide fluctuates little or the conductivity value (suitable for a variety of thermal printing plates) is used to evaluate its status

if the potion is in normal state but the printing effect is still unclear, it is necessary to check the printing plate transmission more carefully. If the developer moves back when the plate passes through the developer, it means that the chain tension or the drive roller needs to be readjusted. Last but not least, like many traditional photo studios, the developer may be overheated or supercooled. For safety purposes, digital or alcohol thermometers should be used to monitor the normal operation of the heating or cooling system, while the use of traditional mercury thermometers has safety risks, and once broken, it will affect the whole equipment. The ideal temperature of the developer is specified by the plate supplier

in a word, in order to ensure the smooth printing process, we should first ensure that the plate making meets the standards. In this regard, the test functions carried by all Heidelberg plate making equipment can be greatly developed. The operators can easily complete the daily inspection work, especially have more confidence in the actual development process. In other words, they can get effective help at any time to ensure the stability of the whole production. Heidelberg saifeiyang series of printing plates and developing potions can effectively ensure the smooth operation of prepress photo studio. In order to minimize downtime, the fully equipped supermax can even provide Heidelberg service engineers with detailed information about equipment operation or prompt them to replace a worn part. This work can be completed in a few seconds through interconnection. If modern photo studio assistants can process data quickly, they can save time and cost, reduce problems and benefit everyone in the printing process

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