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How to make money by printing with UV flat-panel inkjet printer

in the process of equipment purchase, for example, the price of a UV flat-panel printer (imported) is generally between USD 200000 and USD 400000 (domestic) and the price is generally between RMB 300000 and RMB 600000. The return on investment is a key issue. The cost of general finished products consists of several parts:

1. Ink cost (the ink loss per square meter is 10ml full format printing, and the price of one milliliter of ink is 1 yuan, that is, the cost of 60% water per square meter of ink is 10 yuan)

2. UV lamp (the mixing process enables us to adopt components composed of 6 independent parts, and the loss of general lamp is about 1 yuan per square meter)

3 The nozzle loss of the machine (generally, the nozzle will not be damaged within 2 years, and the average loss per square meter is 1-2 yuan)

4. The overall loss of the machine (this is related to each customer and is inseparable from their own maintenance)

5. Your personnel costs, rent, water and electricity should also be subject to local control

the overall cost above will not exceed 15 yuan. At present, the average processing fee in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities is 300-350 yuan per square meter. That is to say, now everyone has a profit of about 280 yuan per square meter of machinery. This figure, I think, will move every investor

it's reasonable to calculate that if you play 50 square meters per day, I think everyone knows how much money you can make. Don't press 20 on the 30th day of each month, then half of the machine will come back in that month. Therefore, before any company makes a purchase decision, it should be clear what kind of economic benefits cannon's equipment can bring to itself, which is the high-pressure mixing raw material table equipment

when calculating the initial purchase cost of a device, people should consider the advantages of printing with UV curing platform printing technology

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