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How to make a high-speed printing machine with high concentricity

how to improve the printing speed? Be sure to use high-quality and efficient printing machines. But the quality assurance of the printing press is not enough. Only half of the conditions are met. The other half is that the printing press needs to be equipped with high-quality version rollers

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I. printing speed and quality are the key factors

how to improve printing speed? We must use the printing press with good quality and efficiency ------ professor xubaiping of Guangdong Light Industry Vocational and technical college/Zhujiang scholar/Director of the provincial engineering center. But the quality assurance of the printing press is not enough. Only half of the conditions are met. The other half is that the printing press needs to be equipped with high-quality version rollers

why do you need high-quality version rollers? If the concentricity of the plate roller is not high, when the plate roller is rotating, the printed matter is not evenly stressed, and the ink gravure printing effect will be good or bad, and some parts of the printed matter will be clear and some parts will be fuzzy. The printer has to reduce the printing speed, which will lead to poor repeatability of the experiment and other shortcomings, so that the ink on the plate roller is uniform. As a result, the printing speed is too slow. At present, the speed of printing machines on the market is 120 meters, 180 meters and 200 meters per minute. This speed can not meet the increasing demand of printing orders. So now a printing equipment company has developed the latest intelligent printing machine with 400m/min and 19m registration. At present, Hebei Xiongxian Zhuoyuan plate making company has taken the lead in cooperating with it to produce high-precision and high-speed plate rollers, which has completed a great breakthrough in the upholstery industry

II. Who can meet the requirements of high-speed printing machine? Who will be more competitive in the near future

how can we make high-precision and high-speed version rollers

1. The concentricity of the plate roller must be within 0.02mm, otherwise it cannot be used on the high-speed printing press

2. Have good machining technicians, good management, and make a high pass rate of the plate roll, especially concentricity

but how easy is it to achieve the above two points

at present, the concentricity of gravure plate making plants is less than 0.02mm, accounting for 10% of all plate rollers, and 90% of plate rollers are more than 0.02mm. There are two reasons:

1 Due to human factors, especially the night shift production, even if the same skilled worker has different processing accuracy between the day shift and the night shift, the error rate of the night shift is very high

2. Equipment factor: when cutting holes, use an ordinary lathe for secondary clamping and U-turn processing. This processing method is difficult to ensure the concentricity. The concentricity of most version rollers is more than 0.02mm, which is unqualified

these plate rollers with unqualified concentricity are also a waste of man hours in the later process in the gravure plate making plant. When the engraving target is to reach a production capacity of 300million ampere hours by the end of this year, it is necessary to pad paper to ensure the concentricity so that the plate roller points carved by the engraving machine are uniform

in a word, the low concentricity of the plate roll after hole cutting has laid a major hidden danger behind it, which will cause delays in working hours, high rework rate, and even failure to get on the high-speed printing press. The concentricity of the rollers is just like the foundation of a house. If the foundation is not laid well, no matter how the house is designed, there will be risks

third, how to solve the concentricity problem? How to make the printing press speed up? How to make gravure plate factory make high-precision high-speed version roller? How to make high-end printing equipment blossom everywhere in China? How to make China's gravure plate making printing industry to a higher level

ensuring the concentricity of the plate roll is one of the most important means

just use both ends for boring! It can ensure that 100% accuracy is qualified, that the concentricity between the taper hole and the outer circle is 0.01mm, that the comprehensive accuracy is 0.02mm, and that 100% of the plate roll becomes a high-precision high-speed plate roll! Can guarantee 100% of the ceramic plate: the ancients never saw before roll on the high-speed printing machine

I. The workers are no longer afraid of being left behind after using the two-end boring

because after using the two-end boring, the labor intensity of the workers is reduced and the income is increased. How did it increase? Originally, there were six workers working in three shifts. After boring at both ends, there were four workers working in three shifts, leaving one person for standby. If the original salary per person was 4000 yuan, and now the salary per person of four people is 6000 yuan, the cost of the employer remains unchanged, but the salary of the workers has increased by 50%, how energetic it is

II. The use of two end boring brings convenience to managers

1 Due to the simple operation, the machine has a high degree of automation and high precision, and can not use highly skilled workers

2. The accuracy is not affected by human factors

3. It is a development trend to replace manual labor with intelligent machines. Sooner or later, we have to go this way, but it is better to go early than late

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