How to make artificial intelligence more social

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How can artificial intelligence be more "social"

how can artificial intelligence be more "social"

in 2018, artificial intelligence collided continuously in the field of driverless cars, and many companies had safety accidents. Artificial intelligence technology faced challenges in security, privacy and many other aspects. People began to question whether artificial intelligence and intelligence can help us understand in detail whether they can live in harmony

people began to think about the future of artificial intelligence under the influence of emotion under the condition of constant temperature. Recently, at the emerging technology summit held in Beijing, this topic received extensive attention from experts

in the Internet age, everyone may be troubled by rumors. Especially, many rumors are concentrated in food safety, health and other fields, which may have a very bad impact on the decline of benefits

taking medical information as an example, when users search for information, due to insufficient cognition, it is difficult to judge whether the information is complete and accurate and what the purpose of the information source is, which leads to the Wei Zexi incident, Quan Jian fire therapy and other tragedies

the retrieval results of medical information are related to a person's life. Users must sort out these information to avoid the bad consequences caused by wrong information pushed by people with special purposes. Said Dan Ross, a professor of computer and information science at the University of Pennsylvania

he believes that the natural language processing technology in artificial intelligence can help people solve this social problem. It can help people understand the information source, understand the evidence behind the meaning, and act as a rumor detective

the information source includes the source, purpose, content, etc. the evidence behind various statements can be verified by using neural networks. It is hoped that it can help more staff solve problems, classify the evidence, organize a large amount of information into a chain of evidence according to the strength of support, understand the positions of different statements, and check the authenticity of different statements

however, rose also admitted that naturallanguageprocessing technology still faces many challenges, such as semantic fuzziness, polysemy or multiple versions of one meaning. In these cases, the understanding completely depends on the specific application scenarios. But he still called on people to pay more attention to this field and strictly stop the spread of rumors

however, some experts believe that artificial intelligence needs a long way to truly adapt to human society

kaidiaskello, a professor at the Institute of robotics, School of computer science, Carnegie Mellon University, believes that robots will eventually appear. They will work with humans, fight and take care of the elderly. However, before this day comes, people still need to do a lot of social and psychological work

for example, to let a robot take care of the elderly, it needs to know to knock on the door when entering the room; However, if the elderly have a sudden illness, they should be able to break in directly and quickly send the elderly to the hospital. If they need to speed, they should also break the rules of the traffic speed limit. These decisions have great uncertainty, which requires people to set priorities in advance. Skylow said

sometimes, robots do something that makes people laugh and laugh. Some studies have found that when cleaning garbage, if the program tells the robot to clean more, the score will be higher. Sometimes, in order to get a high score, the robot will dump the cleaned garbage and clean it again

skello believes that if robots are only allowed to work, they can be well controlled; If humans want to have more interaction with them, the use of robots will become more and more challenging in the future

to make robots more acceptable in society, they must be social, their behavior must be acceptable to us, and they must also comply with the norms of social behavior. Skylow said

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